Pubs with campsites

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  1. Cheers Mabel :thumbsup:
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    That's a really useful site. Cheers K2U
  3. I am planning a road trip on the Ducati so this will be useful. K+
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    yep agreed it's a good post, we like pubs and we like camping, anyone for winster again this year?
  5. We're heading here in 20 minutes

    will take two hours but this is our first overnighter in the van and my dads only ten miles from here. Even better - because I've booked a table, the pitch is free for the night.
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  6. Nice one ;D
  7. This is a brilliant brilliant brilliant idea
  8. We stayed here near Glastonbury last week

    Has a skittles alley too. Only annoying thing was that while they allow dogs on the campsite, they don't let them in the pub because they have a big ginger moggy living there. Womble tried his best to kill it off >:D
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  14. camped at Tan Hill one new years eve about a million years ago, fantastic!
  16. Haha - my dad was drinking Aspalls - he had a few yes. I was on the Southwold bitter - have just posted a campsite review for this under Suffolk.
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