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  1. I've spent most of the last 3 years with pop-top envy. Right now as I'm almost ready to paint my Devon I'm teetering on doing a swap. A couple of days is ok in the tin-top, but I'm not looking forward to spending a few weeks in it.
    It's not just the fact you have to lie down to pull your trousers up, I miss the overall sense of space you get with a pop-top. With hindsight, for a camper, blocking off the walkthrough wasn't very clever either. I think the longer you plan to spend in it the more space you need. You have 3x as much space in yours as I do in mine. And you're not exactly a midget.
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  2. I was gonna open the sunroof to put my trousers on ,will see how it goes ,just cant afford to tax and insure both with the job situation, I have been keeping the roof down more when I was away on my own just because of the wind would wake me up.
  3. I forgot about the natty sunroof. :cool:
    And your interior will be more spacious. Does it have a pull out bed? Sorry for not keeping up.
  4. Yeah but no cooker ,just a coolbox and sink ,front seats swivel as well.
  5. Merlin Cat

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    @F116 that looks like a very nice van indeed. Have a fab weekend.
    Ps are you named after a fighter plane? When I was a kid the local U.S air bases flew F111's. we were right nr the flight path from Upper Heyford.

    @Lord Congi - will you take the middle seats out? I think v cramped with them in! :)
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  6. @Merlin Cat nah, my username is FIL6, take on my full name Phil G. Very boring, but I always wanted the number plateo_O
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  7. Yeah gonna ,dont need them really.
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