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  1. Re breakdown, can I suggest Autoaid -
    We're six months into trying for the first time this year, forty quid.
    What could possibly go Rong?
  2. Introducing the new camper. WOW what a drive home, nothing can prepare you for that. I was laughing most of the way home. Massive smiles all round the family.





    Kids have named her 'Betsy'.
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  3. Beautiful looking van, congratulations.
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  4. I'm glad I ve got one
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  5. el


    Looking good mate .look mint
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  6. Looks lovely ,is it the deluxe one with the cooker as well ?
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  7. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    Now the fun begins :)
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  8. Nah, just the standard Berlin, with a sink.
  9. I think you will find the green ones are faster too. Great choice of bus, the Berlin layout is really practical. Are you planning to do servicing etc. yourself? I would strongly recommend it as a) its good fun, b) something will always need fixing, and c) its part of the "bonding" experience with your bus.
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  10. Pretty sure you can drop one in if you want ,I'm getting rid of the devon so wont have a fridge or cooker anymore, just gonna go the pub more :)
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  11. Absolutely, cannot wait to get my hands dirty, needs some tidying up inside, and the wife has some great ideas.. Let the fun times begin
  12. Thought it didn't have a cooker?
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  13. I'm of the opinion that I would not want to cook in the van. Pot noodle or bbq it is.
  14. Yep thats what I'm going for ,made some lovely meals mind :)
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  15. The bus looks great:thumbsup: Whens the first camping trip?
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  16. Looks like really nice, looks like you have the bank holiday weekend all sorted ☺
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  17. :thumbsup:

    Looks spot on.
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  18. Most likely next bank hol weekend. This weekend will be spent getting to know the old girl.
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  19. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    thought you were keeping it?
  20. Nah ,don't need two, one will go, don't really need the massive roof.

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