Phrases you don't hear any longer...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snotty, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. If a jobs worth doing it’s worth doing well
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  2. It’s raining cats and dogs
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  3. You're not as green as you're cabbage looking
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  4. He gave him a right thraipsing
    (a good beating)
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  5. I've seen more fat on a chip
  6. These are still used but not so much ... for obvious reasons?

    "Not the full shilling."
    "Not the sharpest tool in the box."
    "Lights on nobody home."
    "Lift doesn't go all the way up."
    "Four eyes."
    "Mong strength" :eek:
    "Pull up a kafir and sit down."

    Have to say I'm amazed at how much of this is sloshing around at the back of brain.
    Maybe I was "paying attention" after all!
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  7. Pull your socks up ...
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  8. great brakes - It'll stop on a sixpence (not VW bus!!)
  9. Clunk click every trip
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  10. Only a fool breaks the 6 second rule ( or something like that)
  11. Don't have that 5th pint (i never do)

  12. I'm buying British ! That was when there were British things to buy !
  13. I would sooner have Jose Mourinho as our manager
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  14. 21Window

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    Bob's your Uncle.............My daughter still says to me...'I don't get it, I don't have an Uncle Bob...who is Uncle Bob?'
  15. and Fanny's your Aunt
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  16. 21Window

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    yes @mgbman like that one....there was another word in that one if I remember correctly.... maybe it wasn't meant to be but started with the same letter as Fanny
  17. a little politeness goes a long way
  18. Wow these reproduction parts are such good quality ?? :D
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  19. Look at my camper, rust free
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  20. And the premier league champions are.....
    Manchester United

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