Ouch, Achilles’ tendon!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Whose talking of my piles :eek:
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  2. Sorry, only just clicked this .... too busy watching Gangs of New York ... Probably, yes, unless it's making your leg bulge at the top, in which case it's too tight, or not covering a big enough area .....
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  3. No bulging just throbs a bit when I’m in bed. Took it off last night as it was driving me crackers. Tried to keep my leg elevated all night but being a restless sleeper of late :(

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  4. Need a frame to keep covers off have you tried putting them on pillows ? I do this sometimes as I’m restless too , buggar init :(
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  5. Wasn't Achilles Tendon a Led Zeppelin song?
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  6. Archilles Tendon isn’t that what Douglas Bader had ?
  7. Nah. Brazilian football player. Played with Pele. Currently living in a static caravan site off the A3 with Carlos Alberto.
  8. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Must be terrible to get old and decrepit.
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  9. That was One Leg.
  10. Who Heather Mills:eek:
  11. I saw Douglas and Heather on Strictly Come Dancing. It was a shambles.
  12. The trouble with Achilles’ tendon injuries are they are very slow to mend. The reason for this is twofold, firstly the blood flow to this area is limited and so the healing process isn’t as good as other areas of the body. Secondly you use your Achilles all the time and therefore you do not give it chance to heal.

    The way to improve the speed of recovery is to isolate the movement in the ankle joint, and the best way of doing this is to get yourself a boot which locks your ankle in place. Depending on the severity of your injury this could be required for up to 8 weeks, only taking it off when you go to bed.

    Good luck from somebody who has ruptured an Achilles in the past.


    I would also recommend seeing a physio (not doctors, they won’t be much use). A physio will assess the injury and give you suggestions for treatment.


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  13. Hi Chris,
    You're right about blood supply etc, which is why the artificial pump of intermittent cold is so effective here (and in areas like around the Sacro-iliac joints where there are a LOT of ligaments which also have lower perfusion)
    I think what you suggest is sound for a full blown rupture (feel your pain!) as the fibres need to knit together before reorganising through gradual introduction of movement ... It sounds as if @Ermintrude has a "lower order" injury which shouldn't be fixed, otherwise she'll go backwards (and I don't mean on the stairs!)
    As an Osteo I have a different take on this than a mainstream Physio, taking apparently unconnected issues into account, but the physiology applies to us all!
    Hope you're clear of your injury now and there are no niggling problems developing elsewhere as a result ....(?)
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  14. This is a very good idea!
    Pillows definitely good for keeping the leg higher.
    Frame probably not as easy as keeping covers off though?
    Trial and error I think
  15. Sorry to hear this..:(
    Hope it "heels " up soon..:thumbsup:

    Probably caused ...by all those fetish foot pictures you are posing for....:)
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  16. Glad YOU said it ... I was in "professional" mode so couldn't bring myself to :hattip:
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    Oh dear, it all sounds a bit painful :(. I had Achilles problem when I used to play rugby. It was a bugger to get rid of. Each time I thought I was ready and did a sprint it went again :(.

    My recommendation is lots of alcohol to relax and defo no sprinting! :) x
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  18. I know, that’s why I was helping the old chap... I’d do the same for you!


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  19. It’s definitely getting better and I’m walking less like I’ve thrown a hip out!

    Can manage stairs slowly now without too much pain but still favour going down backwards. I’ve been going to bed stupidly early and sleeping through it as much as I can to stop me getting frustrated with all the things I need to get done. I reckon I could probably drive now but not going to risk it for a few more days, just in case.

    It’s been a thoroughly miserable weekend on all counts but I’m hoping if I go steady it won’t hurt for too much longer. As with all things ‘this too shall pass’. :(

    Your advise has been invaluable and has clearly helped, thank you. :)

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  20. They’ll be back, I’ve just misplaced my mojo for the time being.

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