Ouch, Achilles’ tendon!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Ha! You tell him @dubanddubber!

    :p @Flakey

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  2. Thank you for your great knowledgeable advice, though I’m going to ask for a bit more...
    I have a bit more movement today and while I can walk upstairs normally, if s little gingerly, downstairs is still a one stair at a time job.

    Should I be carrying on with ice routine, moving more or less? Stepladders are fine I’ve found this morning! :D

    Also, how long before I can dance again...?

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  3. I think you may have to partner Helen for a while

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  4. All we are saying is - Give Peas a Chance
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  5. Ruptured my Achilles playing football years ago, hurt like hell and I was on crutches for weeks. Take care of it Lisa and hope you feel better soon.
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  6. Yr welcome!
    Going downstairs might be quicker backwards for the time being, and better "physio" anyway ...
    Yup ladder mechanics different to steps, and slopes different again ...
    As much "hot"/cold as you like ...
    Dancing?! Erm Noooooooooo!
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  7. Try sitting down dancing , I do it if I get the beat and no dance floor, also beware the alcohol will wear off soon ;) x
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  8. I couldn’t make it to the shop last night as it’s up a slopey uneven path. Just popping a few doors down to feed neighbours cat took me ages :(

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  9. :(
  10. Just tried walking downstairs backwards, lots better!

    Though I’m going out to lunch soon and think there’s stairs... that’ll be interesting! :D

    When you say hot... should I be alternating heat pack and ice pack? So far just being using frozen peas or no frozen peas

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  11. Crutches?!! Don’t think mine is that bad, though I do have a high pain threshold. Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon, still got summer to enjoy, nothing is going to put a dampener on that!

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  12. Sorry! Put "hot" in inverted commas cos that's the usual description ... Better just with intervals between the cold. It'll warm itself back up with new goodies flooding in as the smaller blood vessels open up again.
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  13. Thank you! Again. Not risking the backwards stair thing going into the cellar to fetch the peas; stone steps and could be weeks before my rotting carcass was found :(

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  14. Might have got the wrong impression but wouldn't it be fairly well pickled? :rolleyes:
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  15. No pea ing in cellar:D
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  16. Do I need to keep the compression bandage on too?

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  17. Ha! I wish. Couldn’t make the journey to the shop so an early dry night last night :(

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  18. Not now it’s all clean and tidy! :D

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  19. I know this idiot that fell off a pile of rubble in the garden last week and tore the ligaments in his left ankle :rolleyes:
    He’s been off work for a week and his wife is demented with him sulking about the house 24/7 looking for sympathy.
    I ..... sorry he feels your pain ;)
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  20. Get well .... erm tell him get well soon!
    Edit: Roo bars are good for moving garden rubble :D
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