Ouch, Achilles’ tendon!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. It appears I have injured my Achilles’ tendon, no idea to what extent as it’s only just happened and I’ve never had it before.

    Any tips on what I should do to make it better? Walking hurts but managed to cycle back from town ok.

    I can’t take anti inflammatory drugs or use anti inflammatories topically (massive life threatening allergy, so if you want to kill me....)
  2. Ouch, that'll hurt!

    RICE - Rest it, Ice or frozen peas wrapped in a cloth, Compress using a bandage, Elevate.

    All help reduce the swelling and heal faster. Good luck it's not too serious.
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  3. I did wonder about rice but wasn’t sure if that was for a twist or sprain. Bugger about the rest but though, I’m no good st that and still have sheds to clear and furniture to shift!

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  4. You need to rest it so no jumping around the bedroom for you for a while I’m afraid
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  5. Lie flat with it elevated and you should be ok! :rolleyes:
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  6. Hahahaha, funny buggers!!

    I don’t have any peas so these will have to do. [​IMG]

    So how long do I have to rest it for? I have stuff to do and places to be!
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  7. Aaaaand, as it happened before I’d done my shopping, it means there’s very little alcohol in the house!

    Think I’m going to need it this weekend:(

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  8. This!
    Edit ... Leave the "peas" on for one minute, take off for one to two minutes, add again for one minute, back on for two ... repeat about five times, leave for a half hour, start again ... Does a kind of artificial pump to clear out inflamation and draw in new healing fluidatiousness!
  9. Good a way as any, about 20 mins per hour I was told before it was decided my ankle was actually broken by the dog in my avatar!
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  10. Ouch! ... Dogs are the b****cks but they can wreak havoc as well ...
    Cold for too long tightens up muscles and hot too long let's any inflamation sit unhelpfully ... I've done myself out of many a penny telling people about this over the phone in case they don't need treatment :rolleyes:
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  11. Just seen! Petit pois now off. Just as well as my legs was freezing!

    The freezer is down in the cellar so that’ll be fun!

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  12. Eek... I’ve had it on ice since I was told to :(

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  13. I need staff. And gin. Staff to bring me freshly frozen peas and nicely prepared gin. And maybe some food later

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  14. Got a camping coolbox handy to avoid those potentially neck breaking trips to the cellar?
    Will be ok if you now switch to the "rhythm method" :rolleyes:
    Of course we all know it was the best way to put a halt to the shed clearance :D
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  15. I like healing fluidstiousness, never had it before! :D

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  16. What NEVER?! Surely not!
  17. Haha! But I want to clear the sheds!

    Coolbox is 12v :(
    just put them back in the freezer for a bit and cracked my toes on the stone step as I was coming back up.... same bloody foot!!!!! Arghhhhh

    Should I be trying to move/bend it or keep it stiff for now?

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  18. Only ever had very minor physical injuries when I was young. Was just thinking that this is the first time I’ve had an injury (other than inevitable cuts and bruises from fighting the house and camper) as an adult.

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  19. I'm psychic then ...
    Liiiiiiiittle bit of testing movement to start.
    Build as you feel able without anything more than a hint-o-pain.
    Point is you want to avoid the long term complication of a shortened tendon and a chronically tightened calf muscle ... That would potentially lead to other muscles and joints failing to compensate and your clean track record will be at an end!
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