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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Motspur Hotspur, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Plus its way too cheap and not even on an auction - AVOID
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  2. I'd go look. :)
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  3. You know I love busses with the original seats, always my dream to own one, so so cool
  4. Moons

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    4 feedback including one unhappy customer..
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  6. That looks lovely :)
  7. Anyone got any insight into the pop top conversion? Not seen this type before!
  8. Do you know what a panelvan is?
  9. Yeh, is this a panel conversion then? I know there's this big thing about micro/panel conversions but at the end of the day does it really matter? (I really would like this answered actually!).
  10. can of worms but a lot of people will not buy converted panelvans...:thumbsup:

    mainly cos the rubbers are exposed and cause streaks rust etc
  11. Ok I'm going to bite! But aren't the rubbers the same for Micro/Panels anyway? OR are Micro windows recessed?

    Can of worms officially opened!
  12. I've asked seller a question about potential rust/bubbling around window rubbers - starting to sound like a pro ;)
  13. Look at the rubbers on the ebay one, they are stuck out ...

    go compare..:D

    Maybe the owner did not disclose the facts...
  14. Oh I see! I do agree Factory windows look best but I so like this one and it's in budget!!
  15. converted panel van ... the window seals will never work as well as on a proper bus
  16. Just had this back from the seller...
    "Started to go on side windows below the seals about 2 years ago, not too bad yet."

    How easy would this be to fix? I know with my Mini taking windows out (in this style) is a total pain in the Arris!
  17. feel the force ,don't let it put you off....:thumbsup:

    My t25 is awful ,looks like a reject from the plastic factory ,but it gets me out camping...:hattip:
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    It's not really a can of worms.
    One type left the VW factory with windows, meaning they were properly designed and built to a tolerance. The other has had windows cut out of it by someone since.
    One is easier to get a good seal on the windows than the other.
    One is easy to buy replacement glass for.
    One has symmetrical windows both sides.
    One has seatbelt mounts in the rear.
    Etc etc

    On the grand scale of things it doesn't matter at all, but there are real differences.
  19. Heart says Bay Head says T25! Anyway, a 1980 Moonraker has come up near (ish) me and I'm quite interested, seems a decent price for an honest van and the chap has emailed me a lot of pics! I've uploaded them to my site http://www.fivepointonecreative.co.uk/?page_id=103 and wondered if I can have the benefit of your wisdom(s)? He wants 9.5k.

    I can't workout if it has belly pans though! Have asked but he hasn't responded yet. Also pics 9 and 10, there's a weird pattern in the arch to body paint work - and the paint work looks like jaffa peel - filler? He says it hasn't been filled so it does make you wonder.

    As always, my hearty thanks! Do your worst!

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