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  1. Hi All,

    Would appreciate your first thoughts from the pics supplied on this listing, seems like a reasonable starting point to work from but I have no experience with these machines. From what I've read on here I can see some patching and a bit of looped undersea but by enlarge it seems quite straight.

    What do your keen eyes detect?

    Also I thought only early bays had the roof hinged at the front? or have I got that wrong? Maybe it's an erly bay with a late bay replacement front panel!!

  2. It's a rust bucket ,trust me....

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  3. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    it's deffo a late. sliding door, engine hatch hinges and petrol cap prove such, the roof is a retro fit off an earlier bay
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  4. Also missing a section of top hat and a outrigger and jacking point
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  5. I would say it's worth the money if you can go look at it and poke around to see how solid it is. It looks a bit crusty in places but could be the under seal.
    If you buying just from pics id offer £4500 and go to a max of £5k.

    Sellers a car dealer so up for a bit of bartering deffo worth a look in the flesh. As they all are.
  6. You see, this is why you ask experts! In my defence I did think there was something missing underneath but didn't know what!
  7. I'll stick to drinking. Sorry.
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  8. Oh well, the missus has seen it now and computer says no! So that didn't last long but hey I'm learning so hopefully when I do come face to face with one I've got half a chance of not picking the runt of the litter!

    Thanks everyone.
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  9. The back axle looks well dodgy ,the two plates welded below the front cab have been tacked on probably over holes that are still rusting away ,the inner sills are not original,basically it's a resto of the worse kind...

    When you see bad repairs you definitely know on closer inspection there is going to be list a mile long...
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  10. No need to quote my mistake. I had already bowed out to superior knowledge.
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  11. Wavy lines on the rear corner where the battery tray sits behind and the lack of a clearly visible seam on the b post are always a good give away under the shiny paint, everything that's been said above too!

    Mine looked better than that when I bought it and it's needed lower 6 inches all round.......

    And upper 4 feet in places :D
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  12. I'm learning so much from this thread, thanks guys...
  13. The panels are covered in a wrap rather than being painted. Covers a multitude of sins that stuff......
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  14. PSG


  15. Is the fact there are missing chassis parts like the tophat ends and outriggers not an mot fail straight away?
  16. Yeah, also using a picture showing missing bits when they are trying to sell it proves they know nowt about these vans!
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  17. A mot is only as good as the bloke who did it...:D
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  18. Different bus this. Person wants 10.5k, bit worried about the amount of rust underneath but can't work out from the pics if it's serious or not. 'A' heater pipe looks to be disconnected (on the left) is this right? Anyway, over to you...

  19. The tyres look good.
  20. it's obviously had some patch repairs but that doesn't rule it out....impossible to tell the extent of corrosion from a pic, but better visible than covered with fresh underseal

    if I was flogging my bus, and was asking £10.5K for it, and it has been repaired properly, I'd be taking close up pics to verify the quality...but that's just me
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