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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Motspur Hotspur, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Depends on the tester
  2. That can be a plus point sometimes
  3. Sorry but those pics are to poor to tell anything from them
  4. Flakey

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    Outrigger/jacking point/ inner sill on the right hand side that's painted black is completely wrong, patched and bodged.
  5. Cheers Flakey - another one bites the dust then!
  6. Flakey

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    Not necessarily, just be wary and try and take into account what will need doing when you're deciding what to offer.
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  7. redoxide

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    are you looking for a bus thats on the road ready to go or one that you can bring up to spec yourself with a wee bit of cash and some time .
  8. On the road and ready really, I'm realistic enough to understand that it'll have a few issues here and there for my budget (10-12k) and that's ok but for me the chassis has to be sound otherwise I have no confidence before I've even bought the thing! I wish I'd bought one ten years ago when they were cheaper but never had the dosh!

    I have declared that 2015 will be the year of change and one thing on that list is T2 camper! so it may take a while but 'it will be mine - oh yes! - it will be mine'.
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  9. Flakey

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    What part of the country are you ?
  10. redoxide

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    10 to 12 k is a fair wedge, especially fr a bus that might have issues and could need a few grand spent on it to sort it out year on year.. in the worst case .

    You could do a lot worse than buy a van that needs a little work, for a lot less than your budget and spend the balance on having it put right. I wouldnt recomend buying a resto project, thats a minefield if your paying for work, but you could lay your hands on a good solid van and spend the saving on a decent mechanical going over. and have change off your 12k budget and know there is actually some metal under the paint, not just fresh paint and filler.

    No doubt you have had a look at the resto pages, thats the first place to look if your thinking of buying a van, they all rust in the same place, so you will easy see where they deteriorate and where to look when you check out a van you fancy..

    If I couldnt weld and had to pay for repairs, I would walk away from vans like those in the earlier pics on this post.. The patchup on the 10k van is a joke the patch work on the jacking point ( without going back to look at the pics ) is a warning sign that the van has been tarted up for a sale to an unsuspecting and trusting punter with rose tinted specs... A new jacking point costs buttons and it would be quicker to replace than it would be to patch up as per those pics.. perhaps it wasnt replaced becaust the inner sill is a bit soft too... Dont get me wrong a wee patch isnt the end of the world, it depends on where it is and how well its been executed. A couple of patches in close proximity will probably mean the rest of the panel is on its way out sooner than later.

    Have a look through the resto pages, youll see the worst case senarios and the effort it takes to get those vans back in order One great example is Wombals van resto, that is an amazing piece of work rescuing a bad van, there are plenty others. My own resto project cost me £800 but ive sunk more £s into it than a good van would cost plus 3 years off and on working on it ... and its still not done ... My other van is probably a half decent example of a reasonably solid original UK RHD van ( the other woman) then there are imported vans rust free but often a wee bit banged up, stripped out and engine less, no welding is a massive bonus but youll be LHD unless its an australian import.

    tread with care there are some horror stories to be read on this site too, some folk have been royaly ripped off :(
  11. yuk ,next...:D
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  12. Thanks and yep totally take your point about buying a slightly 'lesser' van and using the extra to put it right, this is going to take some time but I'd rather that than rush in and get screwed. As always in the short time I've been reading/posting on here the responses are first class which makes me want to be a part of the bay gang even more! Onwards and upwards :thumbsup:
  13. Sure you don't want to take the path most of us have taken

    Look at a few bad ones then get fed up looking and just buy the next one that comes long
    Then spend the next few years and all the money you have going round putting it right and moaning about the PO bodges
  14. And make sure its dark and raining when you do take the plunge.
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  15. I've not even seen one bus yet and I feel this way already. :confused::)
  16. Even better, take a punt and get it delivered to your front door without even seeing it.
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  17. Good point ,I should have learned my lesson :thumbsup:
  18. That is amazing. love it...
  19. that's not a 1977 Campervan he is selling, most likely to be late 1972/early 1973..the fuel filler had a flap door/cap, not a chrome or black cap. Engine hatch hinges are incorrect for a 1977 too. The indicator stalk assembly is not consistent with '77 either :eek:

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