No oil pressure on newly rebuilt CJ engine

Discussion in 'How To' started by Herman Ze Bus, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. I’d rather have a pump with a keyed and full-length shaft. For a Type 4 engine the Schadek Maxi 26mm pump shaft is flush with or a gnats below the face of the gear. oil pump Schadek Maxi.jpg
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  2. I think that the sensible suggestion from @zedders is that it moved on installation. My thoughts on the teflon button is that it would prevent that situation arising.
  3. Cb pump fitted, very pleased I’ve now got an uprated pump with a keyway in gear so should be more reliable - all covered under warranty and I haven’t had to pay a penny. [​IMG]


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  4. Interesting. CB claim their's is the only pump with a keyed gear.
  5. ‘CB Oil Pumps are manufactured by an OEM supplier’ It’s a Schadek pump marketed by CB with a CB cover.
  6. I went and did a survey of my T1 oil pump collection
    1. Original VW, shaft stamped VW. No keyway, drive just pressed in.
    2. Maxi 3 Pump branded CB in casting on outside of housing, purchased about 2013, with Schadek cast in to interior of pump. Keyway in drive shaft.
    3. No brand marked pump, as fitted by the VW Engine Company in 2018 as a new part. Keyway in drive shaft.
  7. Does #3 look similar to #2 Mike? And what size are they?

    AFAIK Schadek pumps are the only ones keyed, interesting if there is another manufacturer out there but it could be Schadek gears in another pump body.

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