No oil pressure on newly rebuilt CJ engine

Discussion in 'How To' started by Herman Ze Bus, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. This is why I now ask have you actually used said person...
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  2. I had a rule never to directly tout for work on here, it just seems rude. But I used to interupt threads quite often to point out recommendations were pouring in from people I'd never done any work for or even met. It doesn't do for peoples expectations to be based on mythology. :D

    The more I understand about engines the less I know but at I've always known that and generally steered clear to avoid being bitten on the arse.
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  3. I can still remember a TE where there was a lineup of T4s and I think two of the four had hot idle problems. And the builder was the same in each case. Nothing hot on the outside, like cylinder heads, just the core of the engine oil temperature was very high. The builder was obviously consistent but not in the right way.
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  4. I know there was me & @PeaSoup who had issues and I’m sure there were more but I’ve now forgotten.

    The OP could well have an engine from elsewhere.
  5. This morning I had some spare time to take apart the old pump to investigate what may have gone wrong perhaps you guys could explain by these pictures. [​IMG]


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  6. Theory because I can't find a pic but...

    For an original pump, the flats that engage with the cam are in too good order and the rounded ends appear to have previously been running inside something.

    I think part of the refurb was cut the old end off, machine new flats and push it further through the gear. Subsequently it's slipped back to it's original position disengaging from the cam.
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  7. Sounds like a complete bodge! Does no-one make a new shaft? Isn't difficult and there are loads of machine shops who would love to make a small batch of them. Even building up the worn end with tig weld and grinding back would have been better.:confused:
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  8. I'm just guessing as I don't have a pump hany to check but that's how it looks?
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  9. Yes, it sounds, and looks, very plausible.
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  10. Shall I go and take one apart ? :)
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  11. Okay thanks for that information [mention]zedders [/mention]
    it’s frustrating because I want to know the reason behind why things go wrong not just replace parts.

    So I can see imprinted on the shaft VW badge, does this mean the builder has re used an old VW one as a posed to using new aftermarket Schadek one?

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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  12. picture_2020_9_23_10_39_4_745.jpg 20200923_103831.jpg
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  13. I thought it was a refurbished original pump? It certainly looks like an original and as @77 Westy posted earlier, those pumps haven't been available for years.

    Interference fit and with a chunk less shaft interfering with the gear I certainly would not risk it. It's naughty of the refurbisher to risk your engine for his profit if that really is what happened back down the food chain somewhere.
  14. Magnifying glass app, now my eyes are getting old :)
  15. I'd wager Stuart at Redditch Gears could make a batch of those gears and shafts, heat treat them to the correct VW spec with reliability.
  16. Would slipping that bit be enough?
    Time to measure your shaft lengths chaps. Ooer.
  17. In one of the photos, the gear looks damaged? If something jammed the pump ...
  18. 20200923_111016.jpg
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  19. What's the depth of the inset from the end of the shaft to the face of the gear?
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