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  1. I like that idea, I'll have a think about some different options I can use.
  2. Not in a million years would i have people get personal with me like that, i WOULD be knocking on their doors and asking them out right.

    You should be able to live in peace if your doing nothing wrong.
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  4. I wont go knocking on doors as;

    A) No one will 'fess' up
    B) looks like I'm causing problems

    My missis wants to move but I think that is just giving up and admitting defeat.
  5. just live your life as you do and carry on with your head held high, still record all incidents and log everything but other than that just ignore it best you can. if you do find out who it is.......plan your attack carefully as not to get caught lol
  7. Know what? Life's too short to fight invisible arseholes - I'm with your missus - move and move on - the worlds a big place full of potentially nice neighbours - yours are always going to be crap even if you "win". :)
  8. if it is easy to move move they will not of won because the jeremy kyle cast will move in after you and s!"t on his lawn and p1ss on his kids and you will be able to return and laugh your swingers off not forgetting that the new people will not have the patiences that you have and will knock him in to the middle of next week

    perhaps you could remind them of this when you leave a big sign on your bus would be cool
  10. Cant see anybody renting to me without a job.
  11. what sort of job are you after

    just s job or

    a career type job

    i think the longer you are out of work the harder it will be so go for anything

    im not getting at you it would kill me to be at home holidays do my head in
  12. Damn I feel sorry for you here - when the DWP guy comes round make sure you give him a copy of your notes to show that someone is wasting there time - they have to investigate any allegation of fraud im afraid and its not a nice proccess - just dont get angry with them they will be more cooperative with you if your cooperative with them - just make sure you have all your financials in order.

    You mentioned earlier that he has a garage FULL of cat litter and that hes a taxi driver - is he self employed? Cat litter is used as a way to filter the color out of red diesel - is his taxi a diesel? maybe an anonymous call to the police and customs and excise might be in order - maybe save that for if you move!

    But i agree with Zed - Move house - speak to the council see if they can move you - hes obviously making your lives hell and thats really not fair everyone has a right to live in peace. Harrasment is a horrible thing and he will never stop.

    Have the DVLA got back to you? Also they will let you pay installments if they wont let you off just phone the number the lady i spoke to was really really helpful, nothing was a problem to her and she wanted to help. I got had for no tax - Was at a friends and left my car on the road over night so as not to block his drive while we were working on it - police went passed apr'd it and bam i got a fine :- wasnt really much i could do about it.

    Good luck for you and your family.
  13. I want a career job but I'm applying for any old Marmitee now just to get me back out there.
  15. did you have a job when you moved in or did this all start when you lost your job ??????

    i would not pay that one a if the car is sorn then is is off the public high way a car park is not a public high way
  17. buggered then

    sorry m8
  19. I can turn my hand to many things, the old saying "jack of all trades, master of none"

    I've been in the building trade for many years working on houses to warehouses to building swimming pools.

    I have done a fair few years delivery driving of various sorts

    Plenty of warehouse work

    The last job, as i said, was repairing the baggage trolleys at the airport. General maintenance/service and lots of welding and fabrication.

    I was earning 19k at the last role

    I'm in Horley
  20. You have mail

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