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  1. First one looks French, with a Michelin ZX tyre. Traction Avant?
    Second one looks like a BMC 11/1300 with Hydrolastic spheres.
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  2. C4C37D7A-0496-47DB-AB3B-5C04849B54FE.jpeg 30478A73-F1A4-4764-AD03-5212A726F6E3.jpeg Spotted at the side of the canal. (I don’t actually know what it is!)

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  3. I'd never realised how similar the glasshouse was to that of a Karmann Ghia. I checked the Wikis which instructed me thusly:

    The man behind the project was an engineering consultant to Volvo, Helmer Petterson. Unknown to him, design work was done by his son Pelle, under the tutelage of Italian auto stylist Pietro Frua while Frua's studio was a subsidiary of the prestigious carrozzeriaGhia.

    ...which explains everything.
  4. And bodies were made in the UK by Jensen.
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  5. Only the very early ones, the quality was so poor of the Jensen built bodies that Volvo terminated the contract after 2 or 3 years and took building the car in house.
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  6. The shame is that there was a number of vehicles that all look a bit abandoned :(.
  7. Dubs

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    Ok, not strictly a car, but who knows what this is….

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  8. Looks Zundapp ish
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  9. Dubs

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    No, but it is German...
  10. Maico?
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  11. Is it a scooter?
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  12. Dubs

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    Yes, 1950 Maicomobile. :thumbsup:
  13. Ian Seabrook; Lincolnshire's King of Drift!
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  14. Dubs

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    An odd one for this morning…

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  15. Is that an Opel Blitz Ludewig Aerobus with the big fin on the back? It looks like it should have some aero rotary engine up front.
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  16. Dubs

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    You win!

  17. There was a clue, as it says Opel Blitz on the radiator grill. Whilst making you look much faster than you probably are, I've wondered whether the large vertical fins on the back of vehicles, that aren't going for a land speed record, have any aero or handling benefit at all?
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  18. How about this?

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  19. Norris

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    Suzuki vitara

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