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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dubs, Aug 8, 2021.

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    Don't think so, but it is another of the micro cars.
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  4. docjohn

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    I didn't know what it was other than being a European microcar from the late '50s, the tiny wheels and jaunty positive camber on the rear are giveaways. It looks like a simple two piece fibreglass moulding with the joint between the top and bottom covered by the thick trim. Also the side screens hint at a budget target market. It took a while to find out as there are no pictures of it in Georgano's book, at least not my edition. Anyway, it's a BurgFalke FB250, the last gasp of the Victoria 250, itself a reworking of the BAG Spatz, which was a complete reengineering job by the famous, and semiretired, Hans Ledwinka of Tatra fame of a three wheeler the Brutsch 200.
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    Stupidly obscure I know and sorry about that, but it does have a strong link to Beetles and Bays.
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  6. HubNut and his Invacar TWK
  7. Zündapp Porsche, aka Porsche Type 12. Had a feeling it was a Porsche design (may have seen a photo in 'The Volkswagen Story', which I read a year or so ago) but have to confess I cheated a little to get this one - I won't say how ;)
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  8. Here's a relatively easy one, but a fascinating car non the less...
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  9. is it a Passat?
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  10. HubNut knows the cars at Unexceptional 2021
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    :thumbsup: I find interesting how Ferdinand Porsche hawked his ideas around until he hit upon a successful client.;)
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  12. Nope :p
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  13. Been a long time subscriber :thumbsup:
  14. That's essentially a 1300 aircooled T1 lump - up front :eek:
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    I think that it's a Brazilian VW Gol on a shortened front wheel drive Audi 80 platform and an aircooled flat 4.
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    Agree, its a Gol
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  17. Okay, a bit more fun and two for the price of one this time. I photographed both of these 'in' the same beach, on the southern shore of the Isle of Stronsay, Orkney about 15 years ago. I have an idea as to the identity of both but what do you think?

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  18. The second one looks like a moggy 1000 engine :)
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  19. But transversely mounted and with suspension 'turrets'... There's a couple of possibilities :thinking:
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    I think that the top one is a Rootes engine, something like a late 50s, early 60s Hillman Minx.

    I agree that the bottom one does look like an A series engine but I don't think that those are strut tops. If they were it would be a Maestro or Montego. I suspect that it is the remains of a Mini and those are the boxes where the rubber cones sit.

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