My rear disc conversion

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    Extended ones
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  2. well, first test drive was a success, as I didn't die.

    one hub is a bit warm so i need to look at that, not sure if its the hub nut or the caliper is a bit sticky. handbrake needs more adjustment too

    all in all i have a nice hard pedal now, with very little effort or distance for the pedal to travel before i am at a complete stop.
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  3. New brakes needed bigger 15" wheels.

    So ready for new tyres tomorrow I have started to paint them

    3 stage process grey primer followed by white primer followed by gloss white enamel. All Halfords own brand stuff. They'll do for now[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  4. Quick pic of the rear setup with 15mm spacer.

    And the new space saver wheel. From an E270 Merc so it already has the right size centre bore to fit front or rear(I hope)[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  5. looking good

    i refurbed a set of TE37 rays wheels for my daily with halfords paints - impressed with the quality and finish. When i paint a wheel i usually put some bluetac or plasticine into the bolt holes to avoid any paint build up when the nut seats to the wheel (sorry if this is teaching you to suck eggs etc) just don't want you to lose a wheel :thumbsup:

    are you using the vw nuts? i found with my caddy wheels (and the zenders too actually) that although they were ball seat there is a difference and the vw nuts weren't a good fit. there are large and small radius nuts - can't remember which i needed but you can google it.
  6. Superb!

    Another string to your post RAF skills :)
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  7. Yeah the nuts are probably a bit big on the radius but they are a toght fit. Will see if I can find some smaller radius ones.
  8. Subaru manifold stripping and cleaning today
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  9. Sliding window fitting here whilst I’m resting!
  10. Glad to see you got set up all working, tbh ours did improve braking but not sure if it was discs alone as replaced MC, brake lines, fitted braided hoses and replaced fluid at same time. Had to skim 3mm off discs as too close to calipers. Handbrake is so much better even other half can use it now.
    Only thing I noticed on the trip to and from Stanford one wheel slightly rubs too I wonder if piston had been fully rewound. On to do list before next show in a few weeks..........

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