My rear disc conversion

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by pkrboo, May 8, 2019.

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    Does anyone in the real world really not trust a modern car’s handbrake?
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  2. The only problem i can see @pkrboo is that you haven't put the Lego valve cap on the new wheel :thumbsup:

    shall i get my coat ? :D
  3. i didnt fully explain, one of mine was a little bit dodgy and sometimes wouldn't release or go on properly(just a minor glitch really). just me being tight and not buying a new one. once i used my computer to open them up fully and change the pads and reset them they were fine.
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  4. they'll be moved over, dont worry
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  5. In general, caliper failures are much more common up here in Scotland due to the amount of salt used on the roads in winter. think I may have had a sticky caliper on the Polo to start with. I was unimpressed by the design, so much so that vso far I have resisted changing both the Bay and the Bug to rear calipers, despite the obvious advantages. That's why I asked Matt to report back.
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  6. Mk4 golf caliper. Mk3 carrier on sharman rears bud

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  7. Ah yes, thought so. they wont fit under 14" wheels so i went for this kit however these don't either!! but with the right size spacer they hopefully will fit under 14" wheels
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  8. Handbrake and braided hose fully installed (all only on one side at the moment, doing one side at a time in case I have to revert back to drums)

    Cool tread pattern tyres on the 15" wheels

    And the gap I have between the tyre and my arms now.

    No way of showing the gap between the tyre and exhaust as Tapatalk says it's an "adult image"[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  9. Nice job Matt, but it seems like a lot of work to rectify an over adjusted drum brake...:p
    I'm sure it's a worthwhile upgrade considering what that 2.5 is capable of :cool:
  10. Lol maybe, but it's mainly for cooling more than anything
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  11. First side done and bled. Turned bus round in garage tonight so I can do the other side.

    Two wheels dropped off at local engineering shop to open the centre bores up.
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  12. Second side done. All bled and pedal feels good. Still need to connect up handbrake cables at the front. Road test tomorrow.

    15mm spacer had the centre machined out, to fit over rear hub.

    Two wheels have had centres machined out to fit the front hubs.

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    Me :) I always leave all my vehicles in gear.
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    :) my T4 is my most modern, it’s 2003, the latter part of it.

    I think it must be habit. I find it v stressful when I’ve driven those cars that don’t have a handbrake to pull on, it’s not natural!!
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  16. Will you need longer studs?
  17. I have fitted longer studs to the rear already, front some not sure I will need then but I need to check the front still
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    I fitted longer all round - the rear deffo need them with alloys, but the fronts have a good 20mm plus free above the wheel nuts.
  19. the originals had 20mm or the extended studs do?
  20. think you probably will need them on the front too.
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