My rear disc conversion

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  1. I may regret posting this so let's start with this:

    This is an often talked about and emotive discussion, Regardless of the pros and cons, this is what I am doing so there need be no more discussion on the pros and cons within this thread please. Only help and encouragement please.

    So this is a secindhand red9design kit.

    Rear drum off and disc and caliper on.

    Unfortunately my 14" wheels foul the handbrake mechanism. So a quick fix was to nip to Scunthorpe and get some 15" caddy wheels with tyres for a tenner a pop.

    Longer wheels studs needed so there are on order, tyre swill do for now but I may change to 195/70*15 commercial tyres at a later date. Currently in 195/65*15 XL 95V which are 17mm smaller than standard so good enough for now.

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  2. Lots of brake dust build up from overtightening shoes, oops

    Backing plates appeared good but still have a rusty crack in them

    Quick clean up and disc is on and caliper

    15inch wheel fitted[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  3. Good stuff man. Thought about it for my bus. Do you need to add a bias valve to stop the rears locking up?
  4. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Should have .................
    Could have. ...............,
    Feck it, you know my thoughts by now (you traitor)
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  5. No more messing adjusting brakes
    ...what's not to like :thumbsup:
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  6. You'll have to let us know what the handbrake works like Matt? In my humble, disks are often a notoriously poor performer where handbrakes are concerned. My 6N Polo was a classic example, park up one day at the docs for an appt. Parked on a slope, pull on handbrake, go wait, wait longer, doc is running late, wait some more, brake disks cool and contract, handbrake lets go, see doc, while I am in, car rolls down hill into someone else's Kia! Ho hum.... my fault even though I wasn't in the car. Anecdotally, this isn't the only case I have heard of this happening.

    I think some manufacturers put a small drum in the brake's center just for the handbrake, CSP might do this.... have to look it up.
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    Come on Matt; if discs were normal front and back Jesus would have had them!?
  8. ive got one already
  9. lol
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  10. I thought all vans had them?
  11. It'll be fine, I also tend to leave my bus in gear (belt and braces)

    Your polo issue was probably just you weak arms unable to pull the handbrake in hard enough!!! Must have been a GTI for it to have rear discs? Or was it a TDI?
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  12. Sorry, wrong choice of words. I meant a different/ upgraded one from standard.
  13. Ours has handbrake underneath as inverted calipers. Used bowden cable to cover cable too. [​IMG]

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  14. TDI, my 2016 Polo has disks and its fine, so it could have been the car's old age, or me being feek and weeble. I took the older Polo apart and the handbrake simple winds, the pads into the disks, not a great design in my humble, there's no servo or hydraulic advantage bring employed by the handbrake mechanism. Perhaps the design has improved over the years?

    I always put my newer Polo in gear now.
  15. most VW's have wind out/threaded rear pistons, the handbrake mech does seize up over time. it may have been working to an extent but not all the way
  16. what disc is that from? is it a VAG group caliper?
  17. I noticed the larger VW's use an electric motor to wind the piston thread, perhaps more mechanical advantage cab be brought to bear? And even more expensive when it goes wrong :(
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  18. yes expense is the thing, my tiguan had them and they were good but i didnt trust them. you can buy electronic handbrake calipers from hispec but they are pricey
  19. They're renowned for failing on VW's i've got them on my Passat CC but it's a DSG so allways left in park i've never had an issue
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    I've had them on 3 different VW including an 08 Passat AWD (heavy beast) and had zero issues with them.....I've not heard of them being unreliable.....whereas the Volvo estate I have at the moment ones have already gone once.

    @F_Pantos must have been driving like a madman to heat the rears up that can only speculate what they needed at the docs that urgently :eek:

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