My poorly 1979 bay

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  1. I checked the brakelight switch wires and the fuse so drove without brakelights! Will check this weekend, bulbs are ok so will either be fuse box, wire from fuse box to switch, switch or wire from switch to light clusters! :) simples either way will replace the bit that is knackered! Annoyed if it is bake light switch as it is a new one!
  2. I had a new switch fail after just a couple of days
    Get someone to watch your brake lights then stamp on the brake pedal realy hard
    If you get a faint bit of light then nothing its your switch
  3. Ok thanks will do :)
  4. Was just looking how youd done your front seat belts as im going down a similar route with the walkthrough. Do your front seats swivel? as my swivels catch the seatbelts currently so need a different solution.
  5. Yes mine do catch the seats! I have to just hold them out the way! If I don't they jam the seat :(
    I also just made cut outs in the wooden frame to allow them through! :)
  6. cheers - not be just being a numpty then!
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  7. well that would be a first ...:D
  8. My numptyness has few boundaries!
  9. Terminal had come adrift on the power feed to the brake switch! All sorted :)
    Thanks for the advice!
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  10. You have to love a free fix:thumbsup:
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  11. I have had her name put on today! Love it :)
  12. Awesome :thumbsup:
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  13. I had to read it three times as i thought it said

    My Fanny
  14. Sorry if ive offended dude it wasent my intention its just how i read it
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  15. Ha ha it takes more than that to offend me pal! Don't worry about it! You and several others including my son have said the same thing!! :)
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  16. Its a nice and tidy looking fanny if that helps?
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  17. I like my fanny ;)
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  18. Having a fantastic time in North Wales on the Llyn peninsular
    Will make a thread on my return but just had to show you a couple of piccies! :)
    Sat having lunch!
  19. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Someone's nicked your boards!!!
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  20. Well I hope everybody is gearing up for the spring! I have finally got my van back 4 months longer than expected!! Had two sliding windows fitted to the rear and any chips repainted! All in all pretty pleased, today MOT all good and retaxed! Not so good :( and insurance all sorted so as of today back on the road!!
    Happy spring to one and all :)

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