My poorly 1979 bay

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by physiopro, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hopefully coming to Techenders so you can have a look! I am pleased with them :)
  2. Only thing i will say looking at it again is the middle windows look a little out of place with the chrome insert, perhaps a black insert would go better now? Just my opinion
  3. Ha ha interestingly I am going to put chrome inserts back in the sliders! Long story but couldn't use the old chrome locking strip so had to use the black one so will buy more and change! I agree looks out of place with one chrome and one black :)
  4. ah ok yeah that is the other way of doing it LOL. wasnt sure there was a locking strip in the rears
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  5. they were special custom built ones i believe as its a panel conversion
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  6. Yeah I thought I remembered it being a panel and always assumed the sliders on the usual sites were for microbuses.
    Anybody ever used alternative windows on a panel?
    Maybe like frameless, glass bonded on like a modern vehicle ? Don't know if that would even work!
  7. They are custom made, place in Corby. I am really pleased with them, held in with rubber the same as the glass ones where. :)
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  8. Did a wedding today for a mate! Great day and lot of good feedback!! :)
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  9. Was it windy or did you snap this just before she fell over?
  10. On a slope! :)
  11. @pkboo
    I said the sliders cost £272.00 at techenders I was £100.00 out! They where £372.00 in total! Still good value though :)
  12. For how many sliders, 2?
  13. And also any chance you could do some close up pics of them please?
    Given it a wash yet or been in a monsoon......Any issues with leaks , between the panes or from the frame?
  14. 2
  15. More than happy to do close up, no I haven't really tested them yet once I have I will let you know :)
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  16. cheers id really appreciate that. pic of the latch on inside too if you could? got to be better than the floppy flap on my slider!
  17. Will do tomorrow, he custom made them to front open so out double waterproof seals on to stop rain blowing in
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  18. I am so sorry for forgetting to do this :(
    I hope I am not to late!!
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