My late bay search is over...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Beckybutty, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Who is your shipper?
  2. West Coast Shipping
  3. Not used them before, good luck anyway.

    Mine took 6 months due to the dockers being on strike on the west coast... it was a long wait but well worth it.

    Are you familiar with the registration process when it does arrive?
  4. Dont bug frieght fowarders !!!!:eek:
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  5. I've been looking into it @Keeling54 but will no doubt be asking on here when I start fretting that I'm doing it wrong or I've forgotten something!
  6. Wow, 6 months. I think I'd explode if I had to wait that long. I keep telling myself that it'll take as long as it takes, and I should try to be patient, but I'm far too immature to handle the waiting well :rolleyes:
  7. Im sure you have friends to help . Ive done about 8 or so vehicles to europe . And used to have a import export .
    Co. Your done . Just sit back and relax . You got bill of sale . P.o.a. Title . Thats it . It Will be more than ten days . It has to sit for a week just because of customs . 15 days is the norm...and its going through panama canal?
    Just keep the paper trail tight.....
  8. Yeah sounds right after thinking about it :rolleyes:
  9. Have you submitted an EBTI yet? This is the import duty form? you can do it on line (a really painful process) or fill in a C384 and get your shipper to do it when the van arrives in the UK. I can mail it to you if you need a copy. This is important as you need this to get a letter from HMRC confirming all taxes have been paid and a NOVA number has been allocated before you can register it..

    Anyway when you eventually get your bus the rest is easy.
    Apply to DVLA for a registration pack. you can get the new import pack, but you only need the V55/5
    Insure it on the chassis number.
    If your van starts check everything obvious works.. lights, indicators, brake lights, windscreen wipers, washers. etc etc.
    Swap the headlights over to RHD spec. I got mine from ebay £50 ish. don't worry about alignment, ask nicely at the mot place and they'll align them for you.
    Drive it to MOT place.
    Fingers crossed and you'll get a ticket, if not you'll find the answers to any problems on here.
    Complete the V55/5 and send it off with a copy of all of your documents and 2 weeks later you should get a V5.

    Buy plates and go for drive....

    Hope this helps.
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  10. Thanks @Keeling54 - that's just what I needed - a step-by-step guide of what to do!

    I've filled in the form for the UK shipping agent to do the EBTI on the premise that they've done it before so are no doubt more likely than me to do it correctly!

    So it's just the headlights that need doing to comply with UK regs? I know some MOT places require the sidelights to be sorted too, but the one I'm hoping to use is 'sympathetic' to imported vehicles - they did a neighbour's imported mustang without question, so hopefully it won't be an issue.

    Once it's registered, I just need to get it undersealed asap, rear seatbelts, and then we're good to go! But I'm getting ahead of myself now... once it's on the boat I'll start sorting out that final stage!
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  11. Omg, they must have heard me, I just went on the tracking app and the status has changed within the last hour to "loaded" (yes, I check it that frequently!)!
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  12. BKI


    I forgot about the sidelights. They are part of the head light so a matter of extending the existing side light feed into the back of the headlight bowl.
  13. I'm gonna take my landmark to my dodgy MOT man then get some reflectors you can stick over the lenses as I'm not getting rid of original parts.
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  14. @carlot25 has them on his T3 Westy California, no issues with MOT's he's had his bus 5 years.
  15. I used electrical tape cut to shape on the glass. Passed every MOT with no mention then took them off outside the garage immediately afterwards
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  16. Great looking bus- good luck and look forward to seeing it
  17. Mine failed the mot first time around due to poor beam control and distribution using headlights from gsf. No way it would have got through with stick on beam deflectors.
  18. Posted twice.
  19. Hi @Beckybutty your bus looks brill.... bet you can't wait for it to arrive now!

    Did someone say you're in Oldham? I'm in Rochdale so not too far... nice to know there's other lady campers close by :) x

    bring on the bus... whoop :)
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