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  1. And more inside
  2. Is that a CB radio aerial?

    Love the dash with egr & oxs never seen that before.

    Not that it matters but have you got matching engine numbers (engine & fan shroud)?

    Might be worth you investing €50 and 6 months (that's how long it takes apparently) getting a VW birth certificate.
  3. Loving your van can't wait to see it at TE if it's ready by then.
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  4. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Takes minimum 8 months at the moment!
  5. I think it must be, yes - the radio was in there too!

    Errrr I don't know - will have to check!
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  6. Blimey

    I did mine soon after I purchased my van I think. Only remember it taking a couple of months
  7. Excuse my ignorance but what are they?
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  8. Very jealous of this interior!
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  9. Late FI vans had a milage counter unit under the dash that lit the egr light for a check and clean and a oxygen sensor warning light. If either have you problems in certain is states you wouldn't pass a smog test and get a big fine if smoggy. Hence the number of buses making their way here
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  10. I didn't know that, so thanks! Quite amusing that VW used to go over and above to monitor emissions...!
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  11. Oh I forgot - it also has cruise control, obviously to avoid the risk of inadvertently exceeding 70mph on the motorway...?!
  12. Just spotted that on the stalk, very :cool:
  13. Great for sticking to 50 in the contraflows though ;)
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  14. Ah yes, that's much more realistic!
  15. Does it have US leisure electrics? May need a few mods there but nothing drastic. Absolutely fantastic bus!
  16. Yes it does, and no leisure battery at the mo either. As we're still planning on taking a tent until we can get an awning and we have all of our camping hook up, we're not in a hurry to do the electrics straight away - for now we just want to get it MOT'd and on the road! First hurdle is the flat battery and the fact that it looks old so it may be worth getting a new one rather than keep charging the old one...
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  17. Lovely van, but as always with a new purchase, replace all fuel lines, filter, breathers etc. , and why not just get 2 new batteries. Why mess about with the old one(s).
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  18. Yes batteries are about £45 in Costco. Can't talk for other places but GSF have 35% off most weekends you'd be better off waiting for that.

    Try and get a Bosch S5 if you can but a S4 will just be as good.
  19. Think in the original add these had been changed anyway, worth checking though :thumbsup:

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