My late bay search is over...

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  1. wheres the rest of the pictures, underneath etc...
  2. All original, unbelievable!

    You can be first to sit in it for cake at TE!

    Hopefully it'll be coming out of the garage over the weekend for proper photos!
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  3. This is amazing too - I think there's evidence of everything that she has ever had done. There are even original brochures!
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  4. bernjb56

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    That's wonderful :)
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  5. There's even a notebook where the owner kept a note of his mpg over a year!
  6. You obviously havn`t met @Lord Congi .... :D

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  7. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    You hit on one of the better van hunting exporters there and I think there are only 2 really good ones. :)
    The good ones will find the very best buses and replace any odd missing bits etc, pass on all the docs, service the engine blah. Others just pass them on as is.
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  8. Yeah she has :thumbsup:
  9. :D:D:D
    Blummin lovely van - the more i look at the original add the better it looks , very genuine :thumbsup:
    2nd in the cake cue please ..

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  10. Is there a cooker BB ?
  11. No, no cooker. from the brochure it looks like they came with it as an optional extra, but they weren't fixed so you could use it on the buddy seat or take it outside to cook. Doesn't bother us as we have our camping kitchen anyway. Oh and we usually make sure we camp fairly near a chip shop :)
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  12. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    When you look hard at it, it must have been positively futuristic at the time. It has so many things in common with the interiors people build now.
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  13. I have one of those cookers if you want it.
    It's just been sat in my shed since we bought the van.
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  14. How much do you want for it, and whereabouts are you? Not that we need one, but...
  15. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Moderator

    fantastic history :)

    we contacted the previous owner of our westy via Facebook; he lives in CA, just moved house, once he has settled he's going to send some photo's over to us (we already have lots of paperwork)!
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  16. You can have free. I'm not far from Oxford but hopefully I'll be at the next tekenders if that helps.
    It may not be in the best condition. It's been in the shed for nearly 5 years. I'll find it tomorrow and get some pics for you.
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  17. That would be fab @oscar, thanks!
  18. How exciting. Looks like you have an epic van there, LOVE that interior especially. Well worth the wait....happy vanning,
  19. Could only get under at the back, but here are a couple of pics

    And the engine
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