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  1. My Bay ones are cheap Taiwanese pot metal too; drill as deep as you can to maximise the thread length and it’ll work. Probably.:)
  2. I'll see what happens. Atleast its an M6 thread so i have a good selection of bolts i can sacrifice to make a stud for it. Just the remains that broke off in the nut that could be fun to extract.
    If the worst happens and i can't repair it i'll just buy a rubber blanking grommet to fill the hole for now. Of course the hole is 28mm diameter and most grommets are either 25 or 32mm. :rolleyes:
  3. I cut the remains of the broken stud off, filed the remains flat and drilled a hole into it ready for tapping to M6. Drill went in like the metal wasn't there.
    Can you guess which tap size is missing from my tap and die set? :mad:
  4. Fitted the wiper arms once i'd figured out which positions they should be in. If i lay the drivers side one any flatter it misses a big chunk of the screen infront of the driver. :rolleyes:
    2019-12-03 15.29.01.jpg
    Washer pump needed priming by sucking some water though it as it was struggling from dry.
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  5. Engine.jpg
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  6. Managed to tap a thread into the cheap taiwanese mirror arm and locktited a stud into it. Just need to remove the door panel again to fish the mounting nut out of the bottom of the door.

    Battery has decided to die again so i've liberated the one from the caravelle as its not going anywhere anytime soon. Still looking for a decent 5 speed petrol box for that.
    Gonna book it in for an MOT next week i think.
  7. There’s a rebuilt 5speed box for sale on 80-90 it’s only 3k o_Oo_Oo_O
  8. About £2500 more than i can justify. ;)
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  9. MOT booked for 1pm Wednesday. :eek:
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  10. Tried to check the maximum timing advance but my strobe went up in a puff of smoke.
    Decided to adjust the carb instead and its developed a massive stumble when the throttle is stabbed open. Checked the accelerator pump and no fuel from the discharge pipe. It was OK last week. :rolleyes:
    Tried blowing through it with compressed air and couldn't so i've left it soaking in carb cleaner overnight. Can't find my spare carb to rob the tube from. :(
  11. the accelerator pump diaphragm may be solid.
  12. Diaphram is OK. Carb was rebuilt a few years back with new gaskets and O rings but had sat since.
    Bit of muck in the float chamber got into the spray discharge pipe bit. With it removed from the carb the accelerator pump squirts fuel in a nice geyser into the air. Gonna have another look later on.
  13. Managed to get the pump nozzle cleaned and reinstalled. Blew the rest of the jets out while i was at it. Revs nicely again now. :)
    Bolted the bonnet handle back on. Bonnet opens too which is nice.
    2019-12-07 13.41.02.jpg
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  14. Received a set of trim removal tools in the post. Very handy, less damaging than using a screwdriver and only £3.22 off ebay. :)
    2019-12-07 14.44.56.jpg

    All ready for its MOT on wednesday.
    2019-12-07 13.42.50.jpg
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  15. Mine sounded like that - actually sounds great, but was found to be firing on 3 cylinders.
  16. Doesn't sound like that anymore. I think one of the bakelite ends wasn't screwed on fully as it was a bit wobbly when i removed the wires to check them out. Replaced with one taken off an old set of Bosch leads from my tool kit and it sounds better.
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  17. Good luck for the mot zeb
  18. Turn your bay into a Harley - pull a plug lead off!
  19. Cheers. Fingers crossed.

    Sounds like a machine gun when you overheat one and the heads work loose. ;)
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