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  1. Fantastic mate! Always great to hear them fire up after years not running.

    Been reading through your thread today to help with my baja build. Lots of work gone into this. Awesome.
  2. I just need to adjust the drivers door so it fits nicely, fit the seal and striker and it should be ready for an MOT. Just right timing for all the roads to be getting covered in salt. :rolleyes:
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  4. Yep. :D
    Once i'd figured out the outlet on the pump was the top one (vs the bottom pipe on the old pierburg pump) she fired up first time.
    I needed to up the idle a bit as she was tying to idle at 600rpm cold.

    Straight through taper tips make it sound better than the stock pea shooters i think.

    A few people have said it sounds like its missing on one cylinder. :thinking:
    Not sure if theres another way to check other than to pull a plug lead off and listen for a change (or no change) in engine note.
  5. When I was a kid and my dad put taper tips on my bug backfired loads on overrun. To increase the back pressure and prevent the backfire my dad brazed narrowing tapers on the ends.
    I love the buzz the first start gives. Mine sounds very similar with taper tips and have had the same comment about missing. It sounds less “missy” if the revs are turned up slightly.
  6. excellent news on the motor!
  7. Brilliant. I use my bug every day and love it. Roll on MoT time. :thumbsup:
  8. You been for a drive yet :beer:
  9. I still need to adjust the drivers side door opening with a BFH so i can shut the door properly as it just catches the top of the B pillar. Saw my first gritter round here today. :(

    I did a bit of hand compounding on the front wing and 1/4 panel around the filler flap. Didn't come up too bad. :)
    2019-11-21 14.36.34.jpg
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  10. Been salt on the roads for about three weeks up here :(
  11. Had another bit of a wet sand of the bonnet. 600 grit followed by 1500 then 2000. 2019-11-23 14.57.14.jpg
    Gave up pretty soon after as i was starting to loose the feeling in my fingers.

    2019-11-23 15.59.31.jpg
  12. Had a go at adjusting the drivers door to make it fit better. Used a combination of slackening all the body to floorpan bolts along that side, jacking it up under the A pillar and then tightening the bolts back up, whacking the hinge with a 2x4 and a hammer and jacking under the back of the door.
    Fits about as good as i can get it now. Just needs the seal fitting which will make the door a bugger to shut for a week or so.
    2019-11-23 15.41.31.jpg

    2019-11-23 15.41.46.jpg

    2019-11-23 15.41.40.jpg
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  13. Fitted the door seal and shut the door. Shut a bit nicer than the passengers door with less slamming. It'll probably need a week sitting closed to bed in the seal a bit before i can adjust the striker again.
    2019-11-24 14.55.56.jpg
  14. Fitted the drivers door pocket, tightened the hinge bolts as much as i could and installed the plastic screw cover plugs.
    2019-11-26 14.44.12.jpg

    Sanded one side of the bonnet.
    2019-11-26 15.25.42.jpg

    Gave it a bit of a polish. Think i might invest in a machine polisher as its damn hard by hand as it still needs some more work.
    2019-11-26 15.56.19.jpg

    Mirror mount is a bit loose with the mirror attached so it'll needthe mount taking off the door and the nut on the back tightening up a little.
    2019-11-26 15.19.16.jpg
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  15. Got the patch on the bonnet painted today. Under a minute to paint the bit then a 10-20 minute wait before it was ready for the next coat. :rolleyes:

    Had a play with some sign writers vinyl.
    2019-11-27 13.51.22.jpg

    Windscreen looked a bit bare so...:p
  16. Made an attempt to set the headlight aim. Think its OKish, will see if the MOT guys will adjust them when its on the test.

    Decided to fit the door mirrors. The genuine drivers side one went on nicely but the cheap Taiwanese one snapped halfway down the threads as the nut was being tightened up.
    Theres no captive nut welded to the inside of the door so the nut for the mount was fitted using a spanner and a lot of luck. Unfortunately its now fallen into the bottom of the door which will mean removing the winder and door handles and the door panel and moisture barrier i stuck on.
    It was a bugger of a job getting the nut into the right place for the mount to screw into when the door was bare but with the window mechanism and 1/4 light it looks like it might be impossible to get my hand in. :mad:
  17. You can fix that by drilling the broken thread out, tapping the hole and screwing in a stud. Worked on both my Bay ones that snapped off like that.
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  18. I'll give it a try. It's a nasty cheap Taiwanese pot metal arm though so I'm not holding much hope of being able to fix it.
    I'll still need to remove the door panel and somehow get the mounting nut back up inside the door.

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