MK2 Golf GTD

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  1. Lesson to be learnt, is that if you feel that £40 is too cheap for a clutch kit, then go with your gut instinct ;)
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  2. Modified the turbo, so I've now got the ability to turn up the boost :thumbsup:

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  3. ouch that clutch is not going to work again :(
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  4. New front wing came today too :cool:


    Needs a little fettling to get it to fit like an OG one, but not bad for less than £20 delivered :D
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  5. I really admire you for even thinking about bringing that back from the dead ,the majority on here would have scrapped it [me included]...:thumbsup:
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  6. Been my daily for the last 5 years LEF... The body is rock solid, just that wing that had been replaced with a pattern one and not painted on the inside and the drivers door has rotted through on the bottom!!

    Plus it's a genuine GTD and they were low selling in the UK as they retailed for more than a gti :lol:
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