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  1. I'm slowly starting to get to grips with mapping an engine using a Megasquirt and Tuner Studio software. Anyone else done an FI engine map? I've still got loads of questions that I need to ask!
  2. Most I have done is fiddle a little bit with megajolt on a mini a few years ago. Have you got it running yet?
  3. Running and driven home!!

    Am pretty impressed with the MS system, not so impressed with the lack of info from the guy who sells it as a complete kit though... no set up guide or wiring diagram for type 4 installs o_O
  4. Mega what and Tuner who? Sounds interesting any links?
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    I think they played Glastonbury this year
  6. It's running well now. All the tables are re-scaled with more sensitivity at light throttle and that's made a big improvement. I'm going to finish off the VE table in the morning then play around with varying the AFR table and timing map.
  7. Learning how to set up and use the software (Tuner Studio) is the hardest part. Once the settings are right, it's not too bad (apart from watching a laptop while driving).
  8. Wouldn't mind having a look tbh.
  9. I'm off next week, back 22nd August. Where are you in Lincs?
  10. Kirton lindsey, kids go to school in Gainsborough!!
  11. At the High School? We've got one starting Year 13 and one starting Year 8 in September.
  12. At Queen Elizabeth's?
  13. Yes.
  14. Gainsborough is a very small world!
  15. Haha yeah, daughter starts yr8 in September and son starts year 10
  16. Which class? Dominic will be in 8C.
  17. Kaitlin is in 8A
  18. Meet up and have a look in a couple of weeks. We're off to Cornwall next week, so should rack up a few miles and get it fine tuned.
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  19. Capture.PNG

    This is pretty much a complete VE table now. This is what the Megasquirt uses to calculate the theoretical fuelling requirement at a given TPS / RPM based on the AFR table settings. VE is supposed to roughly equate to torque, so the torque peak is between 2,400 and 2,700 RPM.
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