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  1. The above VE was generated before the dyno session. One point noted during the dyno tune was that the fuel pressure needed to be boosted, so the final map is all lower down in numbers terms (because the higher pressure gets more fuel in).
  2. After Dyno VE.PNG

    The after dyno tune is certainly smoother than mine!
  3. 2016-10-09 Road Tune.PNG

    This is the road tune. A bit lumpier, but I've done this with a data logger and gone over the traces and manually changed the table until it's right. All points are within 1% of correct, then the closed loop feedback deals with the discrepancies (I've just turned this on now the map is complete).

    Especially notable is the extra peak at low throttle and 1500 rpm. This was smoothed out by the dyno tuners, it seems they like smooth maps, but it is needed to give a true AFR without correction.

    This will be the running map now.
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  4. Appreciate this is a while back, but I'm interested in what improvements you had with the FI in terms of power and mpg and is it still going.
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    Now you have it running, it might persuade a few more people that when you throw away the dodgy old FI, the best replacement is probably another FI system, not necessarily carburettors.
    But a report from people who are still running Megasquirt FI today might be interesting.
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  6. I've just popped back in here to look at my old resto thread because I'm selling the van and saw this question. The FI works really well. Not really sure if the mpg is any better, when I logged it I got about 23 mpg. It does run really smoothly and starts very easily - I can leave it standing for months and it starts straight up.
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