Marge's Restoration

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  2. You interior's coming together nicely. I do like bespoke furniture. 8)
  3. Nice interior dude

    Is that 240 volt unit earthed to the vans body?
  5. I noticed you'd used rather poor quality plywood. You can get ply with many more thinner layers which is better as long as you can cover the end grain with something. It can also be faced with a variety of woods. After all the trouble I've been to I wish I'd forked out for oak faced ply but you live and learn. MDF is very heavy, rubbish for screwed fixings and goes fluffy when you paint it.
  7. Progress:



  8. Loads of storage space there dude
  9. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    nice 8)

    I really like the top side storage, great idea :)
  10. Cheers,

    Plenty of storage for this and other essentials


    :beer_yum: ;D
  11. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    before I scrolled down and saw the whole pic I thought it was a side mounted ladder ;D ;D
  13. cracking install , how have u fixed the side cabinets , thats a neat idea:)
  14. dog


    looking good buddy!
  15. great idea on the external electric plug fitting and the cupboards are sweet as :thumbsup:
  17. Some more piccies :)



    and a vid:


    C&C welcome
  18. Couple of small updates..

    We had a little bit of sun Sunday morning, so I took adbantage and brought the old girl onto the drive for a bit of love :)


    Mum's curtains are coming along nicely

    Also one of the last pieces to the puzzle arrived; the corner cushion to create the 'L' bench

    And the cushion in between the front seats came too for the all important doggy seat!

    I finished off a few other bits of snagging too, it'll be off the the specialist very soon to have the heat exchangers and heating re-instated and the all important MOT. Then need to get the 12v system tweeked and signed off for safety. Lastly she needs the last bit of headliner doing. Then its party time!


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