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  1. Good work mate, that sink looks alot more practical than the mahoosive one i'm trying to fit in mine.
  3. Well, got some more done today after yesterday (1st of Jan) was written off for obvious reasons :beer_yum:


    Got stuck into the electrics. Wired up the 12v unit (grey box on the right) which houses 3 12v sockets. Also wired in the submergable water pump which feeds the tap. It's controlled by a microswitch in the tap.

    Then you can also see I've fitted the 240v consumer unit, which will be fed back to a plug socket hidden in the engine bay (as I don't want a surface mounted one on the outside and ruin her good looks)

    Lastly is the 240v-12v converter for the fridge for when you have the luxury of 240 hook-up, which is the black box under the 240v consumer unit. I will need to plug the fridge's "cigar lighter plug" into either the 12v supply or 240v-12v converter depending on which power source is available. Its a simple system and that's the way I like it, less to go wrong hopefully :lol:

    Then lastly I boxed the whole lot in and made an excess hatch



    Cheers for looking

  4. nice and neat mate ,i need to do the same with mine , im putting it under the sink area as i have a 240v side plug already cut into the van
  5. Thank you kindly!

    Well what I have done Is buy one of these Mobile mains kits..


    ..fixed it into the cupboard and cut the cable and stuck one of these..


    on the end in the engine bay (yet to do the last bit :)

    Easy, quick and safe.
  6. thought it was one of them , ive got one but its used in my trailer tent . we will be useing the van and the tent but i want power into both . so not sure if i should wire into the van the run a cable to the engine bay so i can plug the trailer into if that makes sence .
    then i can pick whateever one i want
  7. I fitted my 240V socket under the bus just in front of the rear wheel between 2 cross members. Out of site, but easy to get to and means the engine bay can be locked for security and still have the 240V supplying the bus and battery chargers. Just secured with 4 stainless steel screws.

  8. That looks good Martin! You might have saved me the job of routing the cable through to the engine bay!

    Quick question though.. How have you sealed the base of the plug to the body? Obviously it's a priority to keep water out of that thing lol

    Thanks very much :) I think there is even a convenient drainage hole already located there, no?

  9. It has a rubber gasket on it, but yes I did run a seam of mastic around it followed by the underseal paint. Just one thing, make sure you put a grommet around the cable where it passes through the floor pan.
  10. Nice one, yep already planned to nab some grommets off the sparkies on site tomorrow :chewie:

    Thanks for the help :)
  11. Gotta say that looks like damn good place for the inlet.

    Consider the idea stolen ;)

  12. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    ^^ I'll second that!!

    K+ from me

    great work on the interior :)
  13. Only thing I'm struggling with is sealing it to the floor plan, with it being corrugated and all.
  14. As long as the hole going into the back of the socket is not too big and sits flush with the metal work you'll be fine.
    I drove through a torrential rain storm, and the plug was 100% dry inside. Just seal around the edge with a decent mastic sealant
  15. Ok, nice one Martin. I'll be giving this a go this week I think O0


  16. Yeah, plenty of silicone, if you get a spray bottle with water and washing up liquid in it, and spray the silicone and surrounding area after you've applied it, it can be pushed and moulded easily without sticking to you fingers or anything else ;)
  17. Nice work on the electric install very neat
  19. Fantastic resto thread have bookmarked for future reference very informative, thanks ; )
  20. More work done today;




    Getting there slowly..

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