Lottie, a 79 full restoration Part 1/2/3/4/5

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  1. Many thanks James, Paul and BinaB, Yep we have come a long way since the orangie phases, MoT booked of this week and I will definitely clean the paint from the wheel nuts VMT.
    Apologies to TLB webmaster but I have not pushed this restro thread on to page 20 so some piccies of Lottie in more natural camper surroundings: Finished in field4.jpg
    Finished in field3.jpg
    Finished in field 2.jpg
    Fininhed in field5.jpg
    Finished in field.jpg
  2. That looks like a set of agreed valuation photos!? Looking good!
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  3. Thanks Andy, hope Ins Co agree. Yipee ................ I made page 20 and shall go quietly henceforth.
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  4. Thanks James you were more confidant than I and you were right, the ATS tester was thorough and passed Lottie with no advisories. He allowed me to witness and take some photos of below on the ramp, not very good with phone. Pleased that both emissions and brakes were peachy. Just done all the admin for the agreed value and looking forward to fitting the HD front anti roll bar and putting some miles on.

    Engine underside MoT.jpg
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    Splendid! I followed my tester round being a noisy bugger too. If you end up putting some miles in towards Poole anytime gimme a shout and we’ll organise a meet-up.

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  6. Hi James, I guess you did not upset him as I recall he added a nice complimentary note to your MoT report. Slowly working up the mileage with Lottie and getting used to driving style, need to fit HD front anti roll bar and get rid of excessive clutch play then may venture further afield, perhaps Poole when weather and virus cool a bit. Contemplating a front spare wheel mount and very much liked your design, do you have any new observations now its fitted and in use? Very best Martin
  7. Feel free to come round and show your work off Martin.
    We have tea and biscuits, do you still have my number?
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    Sounds good. Just gimme a shout.

    Had no problems with the front wheel carrier. Only thing I might’ve changed is to fit some proper rubber feet to the bottom where it sits on the deformation panel. It’s currently just sat on some small rubber pads but some feet like you’d get on a school chair would’ve been nearer. Haven’t had to use the spare yet!

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  9. Thanks James and Paul (I have yr no), hope we can get out a bit more when weather and virus calm down, old as Lottie is we are significantly older and firmly in the Ministry of Health's Lockup Target Group!
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  10. Another job I have been putting off, finally cracked today. The offside rear horizontal blind is mounted in the wardrobe and runs through the small gap between the wardrobe front and the glass, trouble was there was next to no gap at the top and bottom so the wardrobe front panel had to be carefully removed and the outer edge fettled. Fortunately I had an inkling this would be a problem and used no glue here. Bed and blinds.jpg

    Slowly building up some miles and looking forward to first fully leisure day out with bacon and eggs by the beach and some other fine fare to test the fridge and other kitchen kit.
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  11. Just cracked another and possibly the final one of those jobs that have been avoided for some time. Reinstalled the original Holdsworth pop top canvas and scroll sprung lifting arms: Pop top up.jpg
    Pop top up 2.jpg

    The canvas is not a great fit as I have altered the timber frames a bit and had to sew in the dark panel at the rear. I will probably make a new canvas bellows and form the corners a bit better, but wanted to make sure the lifting arm system was effective. I was greatly surprised just how good it works, when raised it feels quite stable and in transit there is a nice balance between weight and lifting force. Looking forward to next trip out and cooking lunch without the hunch.
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  12. I've just started on page 1 but skipped to the end so I could see the finished product - very nice work! I'll now go back to the beginning and catch the middle:thumbsup:
  13. Many thanks for looking and kind comments. The start will be easy to find but the middle will always be a moving feast as you are never sure when a restoration is really complete !!!!!!!

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