Lottie, a 79 full restoration Part 1/2/3/4/5

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  1. Thanks James, sounds like a plan and May 2020 is my 5 year point so a good target for completion. Good luck with the bug, it goods to be in much better shape than our T2's started from. Looking froward to seeing the rest of your interior though I appreciate patience is the most important ingredient.
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  2. Fitted the rest of the MadMatz cab carpet, I have added some grey vinyl strips along the tops of the walkway sides to mate up with the seat rails and obscure the blue paint, also front and back of the walkway where similar blue bits would have shown. So cab is almost done just needs some audio kit, which I will leave until we are close to hitting the road. Some piccies:
    Cab carpet.jpg

    Cab trim.jpg

    Cab trim 2.jpg
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  3. Headrests and sliding door card and now the sewing machine and my finger tips need a break for a while:


    sliding door trim.jpg
  4. Incredible martin.. really looks amazing... is the "slat" effect just individual panels sewn together? Love the colours

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  5. Thanks Lefty sorry for slow response, been away. The seams are in a continuous strip with folds blind sewn on the rear. Have a look at this upholstery master on U tube
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  6. Progress slowed a bit by travel, cider making and other outdoor stuff. Bought several sheets of good quality plywood 12, 9 and 3.5mm and cracking on with cabinets. The design is evolving but mostly determined by hob/sink unit, fridge, gas container and water tank. It all looks a bit woodie at present but the plan is to use formica for the worktops including a band along the front edge where the overlap is made up with a double thickness of 12mm. Front panels and doors will be sprayed and polished to a high gloss. The compressor fridge is ventilated all round by a 50mm gap and whilst it might be seen as wasted space there is a lot of wiring/piping below the hob which prevents use for storage though just enough space for a dinky cutlery drawer. Kitchen units with doors and worktop.jpg
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  7. Nice work

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  8. Thanks Andy. I figured I should do the rear end of all the woodwork next and then finish off the storage between the kitchen and wardrobe. The wardrobe side will be attached to the tubular frame I made for the seat belt top mounts and the base of the top locker is supported by this and on the nearside secured to the box section above the window. I have fitted the box section with riv-nuts to take the weight of the locker. Some piccies: Top locker base with side and back Top locker base 2.jpg
    From this angle you can see the NS holes for the screws to the riv-nuts and the slot for the tail gate hinge, on the OS the hinge is inside the wardrobe.
    Top locker base.jpg
    Base and front temporarily fitted to allow measurements to be taken for locker and wardrobe doors. The softwood support will be fitted with a second batten and have a matching mate on the nearside to provide a slide in housing for the table.
    top locker front.jpg
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  9. A little more progress before Christmas stops play. Doors to top locker and wardrobe (another on the other end) and hinged top to storage below rear worktop plus knobs to all doors.

    Rear lockers.jpg

    More knobs including mini one for drawer and also original Power Management System loosely fitted:
    Kitchen with knobs.jpg

    Hob also loosely fitted as next stage is to offer up wiring, plumbing and gas:
    Hob unit.jpg

    After all the woodworking is complete and fettled to a perfect fit and wires and pipes cut to length, everything will be removed for painting and the flooring laid, prior to final assembly. Really enjoying this phase of the project so no hurry to move on.
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  10. Made and fitted some overhead panels and window surrounds. Also installed some electrical fittings so that I can work out wiring routes and lengths: overhead panels.jpg

    Also played around with an idea to fit horizontal spring loaded roller blinds rather than curtains. I have chopped down an old blind and fitted behind the passenger seat headrest, for the sliding door, as a trial run and if/when I am happy with the concept, plan to have 4 for the main cabin plus one on the tailgate. I would be interested to know if others have done this and if there are any problems??

    horizontal blinds trial.jpg
  11. Habitation Wiring.jpg Here is the wiring diagram I have made for the installation of habitation kit. It is based upon a PMS 3H unit which appears to be original 1979 kit but I see they are still selling the same unit today under the trade name BONUS. I have bench tested and all appears good so hoping for the same when fully connected. Remote lights will be earthed to the body but I have a pair of large diameter (6 sq mm) from batteries to fridge (via PMS switch and fuse) as I read the compressor fridge may have starting issues if there is a significant volt drop. The PMS is earthed to the chassis via a convenient rock and roll 8mm bolt to a welded captive nut and I will also bond the SS hob unit to the chassis.

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  12. So I finished all the electrickery and was feeling pleased as I hooked up a temp leisure battery to test the split charge relay. Engine running and ign light off, I got 12V at leisure battery, PMS and also main battery. So all is not well as I believe I should be getting 14V ish and of course the relay is not going to be tested until I sort out the alternator or hopefully just the internal voltage regulator. I completely rebuilt the alt and was seduced into believing all was well with the ign light going off on my engine test bed. I really should have checked the voltage as it would have been so easy to take the alt off and fix/replace. I plan to do another test run when the weather improves and see if some more revs kick up the output.
    So one step back but a couple forward on the woodwork:
    Final bits of cabinet making.jpg

    Mainly internal bits for cabinets, a cage for the PMS to allow ventilation but mesh covered to prevent little fingers and misc gash getting in, also some corners for the bed base and finally got last of ply cards fitted. these ones around the bed area will be fitted with lining carpet.
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  13. Almost forgot, I also fitted a new base for the island table. The original was missing and as I knew my furniture layout would be different I welded up the original hole in the cargo deck. Lottie came with a small and large table and good chrome leg and to reduce strain on the floor and crushing the deck corrugations with the attachment screws, I made a support from a bit of spare beech carved to marry the underside shape. After I have fitted and cut the deck vinyl flooring I will nip up the fixings with a nice sandwich filling of PU mastic twixt the beech and underside.
    Table leg base.jpg
  14. Lottie came with a whole crate of Audio/Nav/CD kit. Some damaged by water ingress below the windscreen. However this bit is good and to me anyway quite novel, the screen slides out and up automatically and it takes inputs from a satnav and 6 CD auto changer. Both these are quite chunky by today's standards and I am undecided on whether to fit, something to tinker with maybe in the Summer. The unit will also takes inputs from a DVD player (with handbrake cut-off for safety) and a rear view camera. More fun for later, got to concentrate on interior and pop top for now.

    l, Radio head.jpg
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  15. Another one step back and 2 forward, as I strip out the wardrobe and top locker to cover in lining carpet. I also fitted a thin sheet of ply below the insulation to form a ceiling for the rear overhead locker and I covered this with roof lining left over from the cab roof and indeed enough to line the top locker: Rear strippout and first lining carpet.jpg

    Rear locker lined.jpg

    Rear locker and wardrobe wall in and lined.jpg

    I have fitted rails under the locker to store the island table. However the screws for the rails, though hidden in the wardrobe/locker, are not under the carpet and have cup washers, so that they may easily be removed should some future user not like this storage method.
  16. Fitted more lining carpet after a lot of fettling to wardrobe front door panel so as to get the shuts right. Also covered tailgate card and the overhead panels,
    I had a bit of cab carpet left over and covered the wardrobe floor for a nice contrast:
    Rear lining carpet.jpg
  17. Steaming ahead gently with second fix electrics done, PMS fitted and with temp battery and mains hooked up all systems tested and correct. Internal water tank removed to finish trimming offside locker below rear worktop. Back lining carpet and second fix electrics.jpg

    PMS ventilated cage fitted for now but will be removed and sprayed with kitchen units soon. On the RnR bed base corner pieces I have doubled over a curved extension of the lining carpet to cushion contact with the seat base.
    This part of the project is sooooo much fun.

    PMS cage and temp battery.jpg
  18. Following the blue/grey theme I have covered the upper part of the B and C pillars with grey vinyl (same a A pillars) and made a lightweight ply frame to fill the gap twixt jalousie and body. The vinyl covered frame sits behind the C pillar flange and is fixed to support blocks at the middle top and bottom and behind the B Pillar.
    jalousie in blue frame.JPG
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  19. Back on lining carpet and I have done the bulkheads behind the cab seats but first stitched on a strip of blue vinyl to give a nice finish where they wrap around the metal tube. seat back with lining carpet.jpg

    I have started stripping out the kitchen cabinets ready for spraying.
    seat back with lining carpet 2.jpg
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  20. Neat solution for the bulkheads Martin!

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