Looking to buy our first bay, advice needed!

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Markus250, May 13, 2019.

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    Everything about that one ^^^^ looks better than anything about the first 2 you've posted!
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    Anything that's had recent paint should come with some photo evidence of the condition prior and during prep for said paint.

    I like the look of the grey one, I'd want to see the above rule adhered to.
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  5. Yes pictures before the filler and paint please :thumbsup:
  6. MAC has gone downhill since John passed the reigns on, its a rather "select" group which no one really posts on. Dont mention Subaru conversions either, that doesnt go down well, sad really as it used to be friendly!
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  7. oh noo, i didn't know that. i just thought it may be a good way of getting to pat thompson-jones as he used to do loads on vw's down there. shame about mac, i didn't realise that john didn't do it any more :(
  8. Patrick posts a fair bit in a group called Derbyshire Bugs and Buses, theyre a friendly bunch.

    John hasnt run the group for a couple of years now, last I saw him was at Newark three years ago, its a shame really, some of the meets used to be enjoyable. Last meet I went to was weird, a group of them virtually ignored anyone who wasnt part of the group, down to being blanked completly.
  9. blimey, that's not good! I haven't been on FB for ages, i guess that was the only way i knew what pat and john etc were up to! :D
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  10. Right guys, I've had an email from the seller regarding the grey/cream bus above. He's sent more pictures of the bus when it was restored but nothing showing before. He doesn't have any as it was restored about a year ago in South Africa. He has sent all the pictures that he has. He then bought it and has bought it over here. Its currently going through registration process so isn't ready to be bought just yet. While its going through this its at South West Splitz in Exeter for a going over and MOT even though its exempt etc. He's said that they found that the steering box needs replacing if it can't be adjusted but that will be done before its sold. Engine wise he says it seems to have had a lot of work as clearly there are a lot of new parts. He cannot verify if its had a full strip down and rebuild though as this was all done before he bought it over to the UK.
    I have asked if I can go and take a look at the bus, even though I can't buy it as its not yet registered here. Here are some of the additional pictures he has sent over:
    IMG_8319.jpeg 0f27752c-6c9c-41ff-add8-3ce985d03d51.jpeg 5a180ff3-4ba0-40fe-83db-fa29915c3a0a.jpeg 5b65ed24-6e65-4e92-a534-3c664de48cbe.jpeg 53d0bf84-0b92-408d-b423-e47329a5a551.jpeg 73cde515-7bb1-4cbf-9c41-1d31f29fba51.jpeg 91d619b6-e7ec-46e7-aab8-fe9b0af4ca65.jpeg 392b4107-a3f0-49df-9af6-9e9b107ae9f6.jpeg 3099f6ad-e3cc-4579-bd7a-bb1af23fb51e.jpeg 17557c60-f7f0-499d-bcbf-12b91e4be04e.jpeg
  11. Ask them to send you a picture of the stamped in chassis number in the engine bay.

    Some SA vehicles, especially those built up from German CKD kits didn’t get a stamped in number or an ‘M’ plate like their Euro / US counterparts.

    If the place where it should be stamped is blank (as many quite legitimately are) ask for a photograph of the VIN plate.

    This should be riveted in place on the bulkhead behind the drivers seat.

    I will post a photo of what it should look like.

    If neither are there - think very carefully about what you may be buying.

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  12. It should look something like this.

    Not mine but an example of a VW SA VIN plate.

    [​IMG]The top one with all the numbers and usually body colour is the VIN plate.

    The black plate confirms it was assembled in SA from a CKD kit.

    Only the glass and final body paint is sourced locally - the rest is true Hannover steel.

    I can help you decode a lot of the numbers if you wish.

    I ordered a VW birth certificate from Germany shortly after I bought mine and thankfully all the numbers and info tallied.

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  13. +1 very, very cool.
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    Christ, I'm finding that one hard to resist and I have neither the money, space, time or need of a pick up!!

    @stirlingmoz advice is far better than I can contribute.

    I'm assuming it's having that work done in the UK?
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  15. A million times better than that first blue one. Have you arranged to go and see this one, Exeter and the surround is great anyway and viewing first hand means you can take your own pics, see the vin plates mentioned above and ask lots of questions, including when its likely to get registration. If you like it, nothing to stop you expressing an interest. If its good and want it, probably worth the wait. I like it and its on the money.

    My tin top came with a few pictures before restoration and loads of pics like yours taken during the resto and painting. Photo evidence is worth having and does it really matter that it was done in SA.
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  16. Did you agree to buy it ?

    The eBay advert has just been pulled.

  17. Left a deposit on it yesterday. First thing I did was get underneath. The heater tube is shot but I'd done research on here and other places before viewing and found its kinda normal and I know what's involved in replacement. Plus being from south Africa there are some heater bits missing but nothing I can't sort out over time. Went over the entire body too with a magnet and it was very strong to pull the magnet to the bodywork so at least theres metal everywhere. I'm not saying theres no filler anywhere as that's more than likely somewhere but there seems to be no panels made entirely of filler. I did find a hole underneath on the sill that they're sorting within price. Also a few areas that have had some welds underneath aren't very neat but are strong so that's something for me to sort in the future. As the seller said the steering box is shot but again that's being sorted within the price and also a sloppy gearstick to the point you're knocking hand on handbrake lever to get first. They're going to sort all these issues for us, give the engine a full service and also put the bus through an mot even though its exempt. Theres chassis plates visible etc n all match up.
    Reading what I've put it sounds like the bus is a wreck but it's not, just a few issues but for a 46 year old bus she's pretty nice...and ours now.
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  18. Well done, it’s a very beautiful pickup. I love it when they keep the white over colour.
  19. Congratulations on finding and buying your crewcab.

    If it makes you smile as much as mine does, then you’ve done the right thing.

    They all have the odd scar but it gives them character. I don’t have to worry about leaving it anywhere. Been there and done that with a Karmann Ghia I was overly precious about.

    Good luck with it.

  20. nice one @Markus250 . I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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