Looking to buy our first bay, advice needed!

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Markus250, May 13, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    We're looking to buy our first bay. We want a double cab pickup. Having seen not many for sale, we have seen one that's priced at just shy of £14. It needs some attention here n there and has been stood for some time but so far the seller has sent over any pictures we've asked for and answered questions we've had. Here's some of the pictures, can anyone offer some advice if this seems ok so far? We haven't viewed in person yet but will be doing very soon.

    11286298.jpg 11286302.jpg 11286300.jpg IMG_3372.jpg 60432606_318778529063302_1316603180703809536_n.jpg 60303427_429087934333976_9119178153183412224_n.jpg 56652936_2350359041881486_1421374750361387008_n.jpg 56835670_314096465941965_3812830781500293120_n.jpg 56852878_2228638554118686_51666961922260992_n.jpg 56751299_2286889278297385_4507381822815993856_n.jpg
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  2. 56811390_817077335326376_6541332352558170112_n.jpg 56811390_817077335326376_6541332352558170112_n.jpg 11286296.jpg 56811390_817077335326376_6541332352558170112_n.jpg 11286296.jpg 11286304.jpg
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  3. there is a full thread somewhere about what to look for when buying.

    Ill see if i can find it and link to it

    Someone will be along with proper advice in a minute

    Where in the country is this bus? - in case we have a nearby expert
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  4. Looks good underneath :thumbsup:

    Ask yourself why you want one , then ask yourself again .....:D

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  5. The bus is in the uk. It was imported from south Africa about 4years ago.
  6. Where in the UK?
    Do you know (or believe) their reasons for selling?
    ... and ditto @Lasty !
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  7. Lowered and wide wheels .... Heavy duty roll bars? .... How's it been driven up to now then, and have you got good butt and arm muscles?!
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  8. Hi Markus,

    I’ve got a RHD 75 crew cab imported from South Africa.

    Is that where yours is from ?

    If so it’s likely to have worked hard for a living even if it’s now restored.

    I went through mine top to bottom mechanically as it had clearly been run on a shoestring.

    My advice would be to check and double check the unique crew cab parts.

    If missing they are hard to find and invariably expensive especially if RHD only.

    If it is from South Africa check the paperwork. I learned the hard way there are some potential problems with South African documents.

    Looks good in the photographs though it’s hard to see detail when I’m using my phone.

    Are the windscreen washers missing ? (An easy fix but maybe a haggling point)

    Feel free to ask anything if you think I may be able to help.

    I love mine and it gets regular use for shopping, DIY, mountain bike hauling and VW shows. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you take the plunge.

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  9. Just noticed it’s already UK registered (doh) so that’s one less thing to worry about.

    Where is it (roughly)

    Someone on here may be able to give it the once over for you.

  10. Those wheels will be the first thing to go! Back to stock sized wheels :D
  11. Good call.

    I keep getting my head turned by chunky all terrain tyres.

    I think the look especially suits a commercial.

    Stevebay (on here) had a cracking set for sale recently but sadly I didn’t have the readies when he put them up for sale.

  12. Yes its from south Africa originally. Its had little use since being over here for 4 years as the seller doesn't get the time to use it as he'd like. I did some digging and his job involves being away a LOT. It does start and drive and stop etc. When I told him i'm over 100 miles away he did say that if it were him, he would trailer it away and give it a going over before driving it that sort of distance which to me is fair enough if its had little use and something i'd do anyway just to check brake lines, all hoses and fuel lines etc.
    It needs windscreen washers (which he has), and it needs seatbelts hence why not best to drive it home if I bought it.
    I'm definitely no stranger to mechanics side of things. The main thing is bodywork. My girl is definitely not keen on the black lumpy finish paint stuff used on the flatbed area though. Something i'll be looking at closely, although from underneath doesn't seem to be any serious corrosion or holes that I can see. In all fairness it seems in better shape than our 2002 T4 (eurovan)!
    I have seen a couple of other crew cabs for sale too but one had dodgy overspray in quite a few places and another that had apparently had a full restoration only a year ago, seemed to have rust appearing already. Oh, and a minter that was a bit out of our price range!!
  13. The asking price is 14k, so not cheap and at that figure, you would be wise to get the vehicle inspected either by someone on here close by who has the expertise or pay for a professional condition inspection and report.

    We all like our vans to be used and when they are used frequently, they are usually maintained and using them is better than having them laid up for years as this one is, as the owner said he has no time to use it. That may be true or it may not be. Maybe there are serious faults. That's a big minus for me. Lack of use and care means its probably in a worse state than it looks.

    The MOT history suggests the vehicle never had an mot and the record states it is due its first mot. Maybe the vehicle has never been driven since it was imported.

    Does the vehicle have 'Historic Vehicle' classification as it should and would now be mot exempt, being over 40 years old.

    I would not be swayed by what the owner says. Do your own checks. Buyer beware as they say. Maybe I am old and cynical, but something doesn't seem right to me.
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  15. They don't want you to look up the MOT history either!
    If your seller knows you're making a long-ish trip they'll also know that maybe a part of you will be wanting to not "waste that effort and leave with nothing" .....
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  16. This /\/\/\
    Cynical is good ... You have nothing to lose when buying as there seem to be plenty washing about
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  17. .... and you missed three asks on where it is!
    Where are you as well :)
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  18. Never seen a door rot along the top like that ?? The rest must be full of filler. Whats with all the load bed covered in stone chip ? Dont walk away mate. RUN
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  19. That must be a bugger to drive with what appears to be a small steering wheel and low profile tyres you'll need to spend a few months in the gym before you will have the strength to turn the wheel. If you're not sure about it give it a miss.

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