Kitchen resto !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by volkswombat, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. I bludi hate them taps ,you cannot turn them all full speed without them splashing all over the place ,but ok if you have buckets to fill...:D

    lovely work ,you actually work like me ,everything all over the place..:cool:
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  2. Now we know who to call when we need to get rid of a body.
  3. Won't the industrial minimalist look clash with your clutter motif? Those before photos look like the witness protection edition of Where's Waldo.
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  4. Looking great:thumbsup:
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  5. Sorry but I don't live in Nottingham or brookside"!

    The mess you see in the photos is nothing, I've tidied up for the shots! While I'm working I trash the entire house!

    My construction skills are slightly better than my vee hickle bodywork skills!
  6. Got a new washer last October and had lots of problems with it, 3rd new one delivered today so plumbed that bad boy in .fitted doors on units minus handles, and


    Stared making door for bridging unit

    Got last coats of oil on two curvy tops, waiting for it to dry then I'll nail them to the units. I've done 6 coats in total. 4 coats top and bottom, then 240 sand the tops, fifth coat on top, then another 24o grit sand, and a final 6th coat
  7. Finished off the cabinet lights today >>> I'm reeaally ssllloooowwww !
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  8. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    Will be worn out before it's finished ;) but not bad for a one armed truck drivest :x
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  9. You probably right!
    Been busy, I also went to fetch and emptied into the camper another gallon can of petrol in preparation for seeing if it can go !
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  10. Amazing what you can do on a Saturday when you haven't spent all Friday night at work

    Some splashbacks cut and fitted

    Just need to fit some brushed steel socket faceplates
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  11. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    What sort of splash backs are they? And why haven't you finished this yet:rolleyes:
  12. Havent finished.......well, holidays, injury, life, but mostly.........couldnt be arsed!

    they are actually showerwall panels - nuance bushboard . after looking at hundreds of tiles and splashbacks this was the only thing we found which was the colour we wanted, so shower panels it is! ive got a spare uncut sheet if you want to buy it?!
  13. Looking good Jez
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  14. More splashback action and fitted steel sockets, just need to fit upstand now


    Boxed in the extractor duct, just need to paint

    Made removable plinths so we can store booze under the units

  15. **In teacher marking stylee**
    Excellent work so far @volkswombat. Please finish this.
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  17. haviiing A restO INIT :D
  18. I would've gone with "6/10, See Me" ;)
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  19. Mr volkswombat is slowly becoming my hero.
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  20. davidoft

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    I've seen it in actual real life and it's a rolled up photograph at the entrance to the kitchen, from a distance it's quite convincing but once you're in there it looks poop as it always did ;)

    Only joking @volkswombat

    It looks reet as ninepunce :D

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