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  1. Thought I might share my kitchen renovation with you! I'm doing it myself apart from gas and my mate "artful Dave" the spark doing leccy. This is mainly to save money, I don't want to pay £2000 for someone else to annoy me and make mistakes when I can make my own mistakes for free:)
    When we bought our house it was a Marmitehole, had been empty for ages and pikeys had broke in and ripped out. The copper pipes and consequently half the kitchen. I budged up a usable kitchen and then we decided to do the rest of the house and garden first, then the camper van :), so now it's time to sort the kitchen out proper style.
    How it is


    First job is gas. Need the boiler out the way but nobody wants to move an old boiler so new one being fitted in conservatory, gives us valuable space back in kitchen. Also cooker moving to other side of kitchen, so gas pipe needs branching off to other side. Engineer coming this week so I am pulling up slate floor so I can chase out the concrete for gas pipe in floor.
    Moved fridge into fining room and Pulled off wall units and middle base units aswell
    Almost ready for some diamond blade action

    Little apprentice helping too after he'd been to shop to buy me biscuits. Good lad!
  2. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    You look younger than i expected.
  3. Keep on trucking, your doing a grand job :thumbsup:
  4. will a tall fridge freezer fit against that back wall (right hand side of the arch)?
  5. Yep that's where it lives but I moved it out for obstruction/destruction/construction opportunities!
  6. Most probably !!
    As he has a fridge there already o_O
  7. you have a lot of stuff ,the fridge would drive mrs lef insane...
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  8. That's a tiny fridge, you should see the one that drove Mrs Zed insane*. :D

    *To be fair I think she's always been insane.
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  9. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    I spy a splitty clock and postcard.....not bad, no sign of any mugs, place mats etc:D
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  10. Haha eagle eye! I have the mug, the coasters got ebayed!
  11. Ok let's play catch phrase, I'll be Roy walker. Just say what you see, say what you see.
    Trench foot of course.

    Decided against the Stihl saw or I'd be cleaning up dust for the next year. So a couple of hours with a hammer a no. 7 marple saw it done

    Come on gasman>>
  12. no...I meant against the opposite wall from where it is in the photo;)
    just re-read it and it seems like this is where it lives there:p
  13. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Did your kitchen used to be part of some outbuilding in the distant past?
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  14. Are you referring to my inadequate sub floor?
    If so, it's just because it's an old place. Doesn't even have foundations!
  15. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    No insulation, no obvious DPM, no screed and your dry lining doesn't reach anywhere near the floor! How old is it?
  16. This may be in our future at some time, too...

    Luckily, all electric kitchen here, so no gas stuff to muck about with (furnace and water heater are down in the basement utility room, with the a/c , washer, dryer, etc).

    We may have left the leaky kitchen sink tap a leeeeeeeetle too long, though:



  17. Yep your right no dpm either. The house is over 100yrs old, built end of 1800s. I believe it was renovated to a degree about 15 yrs ago, but just like a bus resto, some of that was done badly.
    The kitchen floor was originally a mix of quarry tile and plain red brick, some of which was still under the concrete which had obviously been chucked on top willy nilly!
    Lack of dpm and insulation is not good but hasn't caused any issues
  18. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Plenty about like yours, as long as the floor holds the weight of the kitchen units, it's doing it's job:)
  19. Boiler gone, new one fitted in conservatory, be able to get a decent size wall unit in now

    Got some more of the floor up

    Discovered my sds drill/breaker is bust though.
    But seeing as I'm saving a fortune by fitting it all myself, I get to spend that money on tools right? I think that's how it works
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  20. Absolutely!

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