JK's first guinea pig needed!

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  1. i ve read my post and i agree with it lol just think i was on me 10 th can SORRY , BUT AM RIGHT OR WAS THAT THE HARP OWEN NW
  2. I will say this though:
    I know we all tend to knock JK from time to time, but I've only ever had excellent dealings with them. I also think it's good that somebody from the company (@Josh_JK ) is willing to take Flak and respond to criticism, on a public forum, populated by all sorts of people with different opinions and viewpoints.

    Between JK and Propex, perhaps they could have considered the expense, done it FOC and used the opportunity as an advertising opportunity, but I don't know what sort of relationship JK and Propex have.
    At the end of the day, the customer is happy and has saved a few quid in the process...result:thumbsup:
  3. you could of had mine but i already have one fitted. heats the front as well as the back area of the van :)
  4. Why buy a dB meter, its an app on most phones, mostly for pence
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  5. Any new updates on this?
  6. Have we all got one fitted now. Wonder how this worked out for camping. Fantastic system for cab heat and demisting im guessing. (that time of year again!)

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  7. A good sales move IMO it's got us all interested in it , and with probably a few sales too .
  8. jivedubbin

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    was it really that long ago [​IMG] Just Kampers first open day
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  9. Is this offer still on the table? Sounds interesting and might save me a few quid in woolly jumpers and long johns!
  10. I think you’re two years too late. Did you read any of the other 228 posts?
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  11. Some. Very quickly lol. I got bored so easier to ask.
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  12. I am thinking I will do something similar, so.........

    @TheGazman - just wondering how the install has faired over the couple of years it's been in now? Anything you would change or add? Cheeky, I know, but if you ever have your bus up on ramps or similar I wouldn't mind popping over and having a butchers as I am only local;).

    Also.....How did you manage to protect the elecky plug in the end? Does belly pan fit on after install or need modifying?

    @Josh_JK - I presume JK decided the kit wasn't worthy of adding to their catalogue. In fact they don't appear to stock the HS2211 at all:(

    With regards the £36 flimsy bracket for Propex exhaust and intake pipes - presumably I can use suitably sized p clips instead?

    Many thanks
  13. I fitted my eberspacher under van into existing duct with the rear vent into a bit of duct to heat awning works spot on
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  14. Do you plug the duct in to the outlet within the van to heat the awning. Dont quite get you.
  15. no i had a ally section made up to go over the cross member and just remove the cap which allows hot air to flow into awning.
    the center pipe that used to feed the rear area is the pipe that feeds my aftermarket ally duct ill get pics if anyone is that interested
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  16. I am interested, yes!
  17. Sounds an interesting set up. I have similar in my modern caravan but never heard of it being done in a bay.

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