It's on, Subaru power here we come!

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  1. I think he is still there locked in the garage :)
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  2. Took the day off to spend with the family. Of the two weeks I had booked off so far I've spent a whole 2 days with them. Next week is looking no better.

    Back at it 0730 tomorrow.
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  3. I kept my original 3 rib for quite a while and had no problems at all. Recently had it extended to obtain better mpg.
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  4. Yesterday's exploits : heater matrix fitted under the cab belly panel.

    Heater coolant circuit built using 15mm copper piping with silicone hoses joining the matrix and the engine.

    Upper engine heater circuit pipe heated with a blow lamp and bent away from chassis rail.

    Rad pack: cleaned, one of the fans was fouling the fins, turns out on closer examination the cage the fan sits in was warped and the blade disc true. I evened this up with some washers so that the fan was sitting parrallel to the face of the radiator and no longer fouling. Both fans now tested and new loom made up with a multiplug to aid future removal.

    Rad pack fitted to chassis and fans tested again to ensure they weren't under any pressure from the chassis.

    Coolant pipework routed, need a couple of different bits to finish and some P Clips to support the 38mm pipes.
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  6. I was working too hard....... I'll get some sorted out.
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    Did you get a matrix for the front heating or, did miss that bit?
  8. Yes he did
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  9. Yes, it's been a bit of a faff to fit as it was a bit large and the outlet was in the wrong place as it had been fitted between the seats of a splitty.

    Thankfully the outlet portion of the assembly is steel, so I cut the union off with a reciprocating saw, cut a new hole on the top of the unit and welded the outlet back on along with a blanking plate over the existing outlet.

    The outlet now has a 60mm card pipe which feeds virtually straight up into the Totum about a foot. I've sealed the base of it with expanding foam to create a pressure seal.

    I tested the two speed fan and it now creates a decent gale through the vents..... far more than I ever got from the engine fan.
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  10. Have been forced into admitting defeat in getting the conversion done inside my Easter break!

    Mainly down to a lack of parts but also just being absolutely exhasusted.

    So tomorrow I'll be mopping up some wiring and and the remaining pipe connections underneath. Before having a day off up in Wales visiting my daughter then back to work on Friday.

    Still waiting on the throttle body reverser and cable from Fellows..... this should be coming in to stock tomorrow or Thursday.

    Hopefully I'll get the remaining work done over a few evenings and at a maximum I have the weekend after next off. We are booked for Vanwest so need her up and running.

    Today I have re - pinned the loom into the multiplugs in the cab, I had to pull them apart to avoid cutting huge holes.
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  11. Refit cam covers, crank pulley and belt.

    Source and fit a header tank - as likely also have to fabricate a bracket for it.

    Source and fit approx 4 meters of 8mm hose for the radiator to expansion tank bleed hose.

    Collect and fit the throttle body reverser and throttle cable, refit air filter.

    Connect up the cab loom to the fuse box / ignition barrel.

    Drill and secure engine earth, connect Alternator wiring.

    Extend main battery cable from the van to the starter motor as the starter is orientated differently and the cable is over stretched which has left it running over the top of the solenoid trigger wire.

    Fit the coolant gauge somewhere.

    Tidy up the mounting of the ecu etc in the bed box.

    Fill cooling system leak check and bleed.

    Replace the crappy perished R6 fuel hose that I have spotted in 3 inch sections feeding the fuel injectors.

    Start engine leak checks and bleed cooling system.

    None of these jobs are difficult or indeed time consuming on their own..... but they all add up....
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  13. Euro car parts et al sell the MK3 Golf ones for not many beer vouchers..... it's just the mounting that I'm not sure of.

    @Baysearcher @Sick Boy @bernjb56 what are you running and how are they mounted?

    I'm guessing Perry may have a ready made soloution he can sell me tomorrow.
  14. Just a basic bit of angle bracket will be enough. I'll find a pic

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  15. Great thread so far
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    Mines just on an angle bracket I think. Will check tomorrow.
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  17. That's an odd set up..... haven't read the full thread but the engine must be further back as they seem to have got away without reversing the throttle body! I couldn't get my motor in without removing it ready for the reverser.

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