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  1. yep its got the subaru box which sits it a couple of inches further back. im hoping to get away without a reverser. his is a good thread for pics. main reason i put that pic on is for the expansion bottle and how he has mounted it on the firewall.
  2. Yup, thanks. I'll get a bottle in the morning. Can drill and rivnut the firewall without removing it again.
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    Don't overdo it dude. Relax and enjoy the job.
  4. In mine the expansion bottle is mounted at about that height but on the left. I think on a bracket attached to the side of the engine bay. I can look and take a pic tomorrow.
    BTW I am at Fellowspeed on Friday morning on my way to Techenders - anything you want picking up or anything?
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  6. Still no sign of any stock of throttle body reversers or cables at Fellows.

    Having the day in Wales tomorrow with my daughter then back to work Friday. So now things will slow down.

    Although the list is getting smaller.... although I had totally forgotten about the speed sensor that needs fitting to the back of the clocks until I opened the boot of my car earlier, so that needs adding to the list.
  7. I also think I that once all this is done I need to spend some time cleaning up and painting the engine bay.

    Before the engine fit would have been ideal but the time was against me.
  8. I was working it out earlier..... 80+ hours.

    I recon I could do it in half that a second time though.
  9. Well got most of the cab wiring loom finished off this evening.

    Turned the key to ignition, working oil light, no Gen light, fuel pump primes and stops.

    Have checked the feed from the alternator to the Gen light and I appear to get 6v with the engine static???? Ran out of time so have put this on the "to figure out list".

    Quickly flicked the key round to start ( only wanted to check the solenoid was wired correctly not actually fire it up as the throttle body isn't fitted and the TB coolant pipes are open )..... yup it fired instantly and ran for a couple of seconds before I composed myself and switched it off.

    "It lives Egor, EGOR IT LIVES I TELL YOU".....

    However it's now a little moist at the back end where it sprayed some coolant.

    So I'm awaiting the throttle body reverser and a throttle cable to complete.

    As soon as I get them I'll pop up a video of it running.

    Now to figure out the Gen warning light?!?
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  10. Congrats! I'm closing in on my key turn, so its a boost to hear about yours.
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  11. After lots of faffing about I have come to the conclusion my alternator has an internal fault and is not providing and earth when stationary as it should.

    Earthing out the Gen light wire on the chassis proves the circuit with a nice bright light on the dash.

    Having read a fair bit on the internet it would appear to be a fairly common fault with Subaru alternators. However apparently it may will still charge so for now I'll wait and see what happens once the bits turn up at Fellows and I can run the motor properly.
  12. Careful, the circuit is kind of back to front in how it works. @davidoft

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  13. My understanding is that the dash sends 12v through the bulb with the earth side of the circuit being made through the wire to the alternator. The L terminal on the alternator when not providing a charge - static or faulty, should be a ground to earth when the S terminal is provided battery voltage therefore making the circuit and illuminating the warning light.

    When the alternator is charging the L pin then provides 12v + and balances the current from the dash stopping the current flowing and extinguishing the light.

    My alternator is showing 6v from the L pin static - this it would seem is an internal switching fault with the regulator.

    @davidoft does this sound right?
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    essentially when the alternators charging it sends 12v back to the warning light,

    the warning light receives 12volts from the electrics on one terminal and earth from the alternator on the other terminal when the alternators not spinning, when it gets up to charge speed it sends 12 volts back down the charge light wire to prevent it from lighting.

    there diodes that control this so most likely its a faulty diode, easy to check unless its sealed
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  15. Another day and still no call from Fellows...... have bitten the bullet and ordered a reverser and throttle cable from RJES. No criticism of their customer service which has been excellent. Just have to get my van out of the garage as I'm overstaying my welcome.

    Fingers crossed my parts should be with me Thursday at the latest.
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  16. Sorry mate didn't see your offer to collect bits until just, thanks for the offer.
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    Surely the cost is to be kept between an owner and his garage !!!
    You never know who is monitoring our threads !!!! (Her indoors knows these sort of mods always cost around £500 )
  18. Don't like it ...... Just me maybe but I'd of bought t5 if I wanted all that rubbish in the back
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