It's on, Subaru power here we come!

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  1. easily!!!
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    I have a strong penchant for the rear wheel arches, the way they join the middle section and rear sections - both lithe, sensual and purposeful. You can tell it was penned by someone's whose very DNA screams invade a Baltic state or near neighbour.

    My biggest thrill is the front always looks surprised, better that then miserable as with the earlies.

    Also - pastel white is the king of not committal colours.

    Why - which bit do you like?
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    Coz I've just talked myself into staying aircooled and tarting up the type IV, but am still so tempted by the scoobyside.

    Good luck with the conversion and lots of pics please.
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    Oh no, a dyed in the wool aircooler is on the turn :eek:
  5. Have been for some time, actually bought a subaru a couple of years ago to rob for the engine, but then sold that bus.
    Now the aircooled bit is one of the few remaining bits that makes my bus a VW, but it int arf slow.

    What I really need is a swappable version which i can change depending on my mood, a simple plug in engine.

    Speaking of plug in versions, anyone doing a Tesla conversion?
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  6. I love the crisp aircooled sound that comes
    Out these babies!
    And my van is older and
    better than yours:p
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  7. Well..... let's see if a sooty can do it first?

    After 6 hrs of stripping the splitty of all the kit I have just dropped off at the workshop ready to start tomorrow.
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  8. Good luck - im sure it will go smoothly, suck squeeze, bang, blow isnt it?
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  9. Think you might need a throttle body reverser

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  10. Was thinking that.... off to Fellows tomorrow with my debit card for a few bits.
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  11. Far more at home with constant pressure cycles.....but it'll do....cheaper to run than a RB199.
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  12. Not much to report today, popped to Fellows and Perry was very accommodating. Came away a few hundred pounds lighter with some pipework, a latebay brace bar, speed sensor, and other assorted little bits. They didn't have a throttle body reverser in stock..... later in the week perhaps.

    He showed me round the various work that's ongoing. It's a properly professional set up they have there very nice indeed.

    Cracked on with my bus then this afternoon, stripped out the warm air feed through the underside of the bus from the heat exchangers, removed the O.E engine mounts, removed the fuel tank. Tested the new modified tank.... yep that leaks! All sorted now just some pin holes in the weld.

    Test fitted the RJES radiator pack.... which has been made with the original under belly panel captive nuts in mind !

    Realised that I'm going to be having to be creative about the coolant pipe route as I have side belly panels welded in place and the RJES rad pack does not follow the Fellows pipe work locations.

    Tomorrow is wiring loom day.....



    Not the greatest pictures I grant you..... phone ran out of battery so didn't get many.
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  13. Awesome work - what sort of prep work have you done on the engine whilst its out?
    Ive watched loads of youtube videos on changing the timing belt and sprockets along with the water pump and various seals
  14. Nothing at all yet. It's supposed to have only done 2k miles since rebuild, new belts, water pump etc were fitted then.

    Before I put the lump in though I'll pull the belt covers and see what's what, if it doesn't look new then I'll swap it out.

    The motor really is the easy bit, the plumbing and electrics are where the works is at as far as I can see.
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  15. This was the rebuild invoice....[​IMG]
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    That's great that you have that. I don't have any history of my engine from Fellowes.
  17. It's certainly comforting..... but a lot can happen to an engine from the moment it leaves the shop! That's said the way it was ripping up the tarmac when I tested it I think it's healthy.
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  18. And we think Type 4 parts are expensive, there’s more than 500 quid in gaskets there.
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  19. Today's work was the main wiring loom, refit fire wall and fit the fuel pump.

    Doesn't sound like much but jeez does threading that loom suck!

    Alternator wiring :


    Main loom to engine / ecu loom connections:


    Engine connections threaded through from the ecu and relays in the bed box:


    Loom threaded through chassis with grommits:


    Haven't got a picture of where it enters the cab, but I've fed the loom down the chassis, over the front beam past the master cylinder and cut a 28mm hole to the left of where the factory loom enters the cab, I placed a block of wood in front of the factory loom as I cut the hole. Then photographed the multi plugs before depinning and threading them through..... have to repin them tomorrow back into the multi plugs.

    Just the cab loom to fit and to tidy and secure the ecu, Subaru ignition switch, and various relays under the bedbox.

    The engine is being test fitted tomorrow so that I can mock up the coolant circuit and start to build the heating circuit to the matrix which is going to live under the cab floor.
  20. Like that invoice! Wow - that engine will be a stonker!
    What gearbox are you fitting it to? Im planning keeping the scooby 5 speed with a subaru gears diff swap
    Great pics - nice info for us following in your footsteps!
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