Is this guy scamming me

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Frannie, Sep 24, 2017.

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    We was just checking you are on form David :D
  2. and you...:D:hattip:

    1976 Simple cabine

    btw changed that from rhd to lhd ,hope the ct man is'nt going to notice...:D
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  3. Just got a letter from the Homologation Service from VW today, they can only do a partial Certificate of Conformity as the GE engine was never produced for France.
    I explained them that this engine was actually even more efficient with regards to pollution than the equivalent GD at the time, but they just don't care. If it wasn't produced for France in the first place, it does not exist. They are completely useless, narrow minded, administrative paper suckers.
    I can maybe hope through the DRIRE to obtain a full standard registration or go through the FFVE, which can hopefully help me registering the van as a collection vehicle more easily. Never mind for the standard registration, I've got no choice. Just hoping EU won't hunt our vintage machines and constraint them from moving (I'm sure they would love doing so).
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  4. I had no problem registering my bus using FFVE as a ‘voiture de collection’. It took a few weeks for the paperwork to come through but it was straightforward and reasonably cheap.
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  5. I have been watching this thread quite closely and being the eternal optimist was sure it would all work out for the best !!!
    Welcome to another member from that Europe place lol
  6. Welcome
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