Is this guy scamming me

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  1. you say that but someone bought mine here in france (picked him up at the airport) i asked him a few questions on the way and clearly he had no idea...:D

    to get insurance we need vim ,redge etc it cannot be registered as a transporteur or a pain to import...He will bring the little green insurance ticket over (strange enough we don't pay till it is frenchyfied)..also it will cover full breakdown cover

    he is french ,"smell of notes" is classic french into english...

    I say go for it....:thumbsup:
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  2. btw you 3 oclock is our 4 oclock...;)
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  3. Check with your bank their position on receiving large sums in cash, especially if he's bringing euros.
    Been there recently and the answer from my bank was 3-4 days to 100% clear and confirm the notes as legit when it's a large single deposit.

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  4. can't see a problem with this personally, he needs the vehicle info to get his insurance, nothing dodgy about that, and a copy of the v5 proves that you're the registered keeper and reduces his risk of being scammed. he's invited you to go to the bank to see him withdraw the cash - can't see how this would be a problem either? You get the cash, give him the keys, wave bye bye.
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  5. Regarding the desire to do a cash deal, he is actually trying to be nice to you.
    The French bank transfers are not instantaneous like the British ones. They usually take a few days (from French account to French account, more if international transfer is involved). It's even longer when the person you're transfering the money to isn't yet in your registered transfer contacts.
    While the transfer is on the way, you (as in the seller) have no way to see that the money is being sent to you.

    Regarding his optimism for the drive back home, it's yet another proof that people from the south of France are much more . :D
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  6. given what has been said then its starting to sound a lot lot better.
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  7. Do it.

    What's the worst that can happen?
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  8. Moo


    I've bought buses from S.A. and ask for photos of any paperwork, vin numbers, engine numbers etc as well as multiple pics of the good, the bad, and the God damn unfathomable. He's taking a big risk - he sounds ok to me...very over optimistic, but ok
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    The only dodgy bit is that he is admitting he has a friend in kings Lynn.. :eek:
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    Probably related to @dog his dad, cousin, mother or, all three.

    I am looking forward to the outcome of this thread very much. My hope is, the bloke is fully legit and hands over a bag full of dough and drives home safely.

    My guess is, he won't turn up, but that's just my experience of people buying from abroad.
  11. looks legit to me.
  12. Within a month he'll be on here asking if anyone knows about hot start relays.

    He will of course refer to it as "le ot startt welay "
  13. Apparently according to the dvla he has to take the full v5 so he can register it in France does this sound right
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  15. Unfortunately, nobody thinks this looks legit! :)

    (See what I did there??)
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    Boom boom
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  17. I’m here all week (apart from Friday when I’ll be in a field!!) :)
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    Are you going anywhere nice :thinking:
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  19. don't know about abroad, most people round here are like that :-(
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    That is a abroad!
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