Is this guy scamming me

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Frannie, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Me too, been a while since I've had one of them though :D
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  2. Did he make it to kings lynn?
    Did he make it out of bandit country?
    Did he make it into France?
  3. He's home now, great bloody bus regret selling it but I knew that would happen
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  4. You did tell him to join TLB didn’t you?
  5. Behave, someone called him Cantona :)
  6. Everyone does ...

    Tell him to join tlb and show him you had faith in him , all the time....;)

    still might be a bit tricky registering , if he does'nt go down the F.F.V.E. (Fédération Française des Véhicules d'Epoque) route...
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  7. That's not bad going if he got to Nice in 3 days
  8. Chateau neuf-du pape....:)
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  9. Here I am! This is me, Arnaud, now the proud owner of Frannie. I made it to Nice, fixed a couple of things on the way down, just to make it over. Now is time for the deep mechanical dive in...
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  10. I'm trying to avoid FFVE and go for a straight Certificate of Conformity for proper standard registering. Done it before with a motorbike, hope it turns up ok, it's going to take 2-3 weeks before I have any news though. Californian vans had tougher emission regulations at the time, there should be no reason why VW would not issue a complete CoC. Fingers crossed...
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  11. Registration using FFVE is simple, good luck with getting a Certificate of Conformity from VW.
  12. yea their not to good even with modern cars ..:)
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  13. Hello and welcome to the forum
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  15. Welcome
  16. Poptop2

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    Welcome. I am glad you made it home without mechanical issues.
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    we'll done old chap .you will be jolly well eating roast beef and Yorkshire pudding next
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  18. IMG_20170926_144748.jpg

    Definitely enjoyed a quick bite on the trip at the local pub, proper fish & chips and great beer. A short trip but by all means worth it.
    Thanks @Frannie for the recommandation, and thanks everybody again for the great welcoming.
  19. salut:hattip:

    I got a full c of c (french)for my pickup (1976) ,simple cabine...:D

    I got a parcial c of c for my camper 1984...

    Had to get it gas tested ,more vents ,new pipes ,then inspected by drire...

    Then changed it to vehicle de collection (like ffve) half the insurance and 5 year ct ,what's the disadvantage?
  20. Salut @lost-en-france ! Disadvantage, as far as I'm concerned, is to go trough the DRIRE now DREAL, which is a definitive pain in the a**. Want to use my van right now and as I please, don't want to see it disappear and pay for extra paperwork, that's all, I guess I'm pretty lazy when it comes to dealing with administrations, I know by experience how much hassle they can be, this is why I wanted to make sure it was registered correctly at the DVLA with all appropriate details in the first place. By the way they've done a real crap job when importing the van from California, no engine #, date of first registration is also pretty exotic being new year of 1979. This is not going to help... Got in touch with the DVLA since, they've been useless and hung up on me. Whatever, I found all the details I needed on the van, sent M-Plate details and all to VW. I just hope they're going to be nice...

    Heureux de faire ta connaissance en tout cas! 1976 Simple cabine :thumbsup:
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