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  1. I've got a single layer of the radiator reflector foil behind each trim panel - always leave one window slightly open and aside from a little condensation, always been toasty warm.
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    why no?
  3. Just read through this, very amusing:)

    My question is should I insulate under the floor? I'm going for the half-arsed cheap approach and using therma-wrap which is a tenner a roll, is there any point in putting a layer on the floor or does the ply/carpet provide enough insulation? Should I put it against the cargo floor or under the carpet/Lino?
    I'm using 9mm mdf for the middle and 4mm ply for the top, I'm guessing mdf is a stupid choice? But again it's cheap!:)
  4. I would put it on the floor, the stuff your on about is equivalent to 65mm fibreglass so worth doing.
  5. Cheers. Do you mean between the wood and metal or on top of the wood?
    To be honest I never camp when it's cold anyway and a good duvet is fine, but while the interior is out I might as well.
  6. Straight on to the metal then wood on top. I wouldn't bother with the mdf too, mdf won't last 10 minutes and the cost to re-new the metal floor is a lot more then the ply
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  7. I did think that, but I've bought and cut it now so it's going in;) presumably if it's in van that doesn't leak it should be ok? Plus there will be a layer of waterproof insulation between it and the metalwork so hopefully it'll be ok.
  8. Your choice, I built an mdf unit in my first van a t25 panel, no windows except factory ones lasted a year before all the bottom had swelled up. Never had any leaks. Don't know what caused it but wouldn't put it in a van again.
  9. Hmmm! Condensation possibly? Oh well, should have bought the ply. Cheers:)
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    I would recommend ditching the MDF floor as well but if you do use it get a tub of white woodworkers glue, water it down 50/50 with water and paint the MDF with several coats (Four or five) especially the edges. Top and bottom so you make a cacoon of waterproof glue around the MDF before you put it in the van. It should give you a fair few years then before you'll need to change it.
  11. another suggestion similar to sANDYBay's recommendation to try and seal it, would be to buy a can of thompson's water seal and totally soak the mdf....especially on the cut edges....but without wanting to rain on your parade....standard mdf and campervan's don't's heavy, absorbs moisture and blunts your cutting tools....I'd take the above advice from someone who makes interiors for a living, and also from another who spends a lot of time working with wood.....
  12. But whichever way you go, it's going to be £4-5 quid material throb application time. Might as well just buy the £12-15 sheet of ply
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  13. I've already bought the mdf.:( anyone want to buy a sheet of mdf?:) how much heavier is it relative to ply?
  14. there's only a couple of kilogrammes in it....

    but if you're only doing a floor, it won't be noticeable....the mdf will be fine to use...just make sure it is properly sealed
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  15. I'm only doing the bottom bit of the floor, the deeper bit. The top will have ply on it.
  16. Most vans I've seen use filler as insulation!
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    like this bit rear corner before.JPG
  18. my van had a polystyrene sheet behind the front panel too I think it must be original. I took it out though as I have some welding to do and it only comes out in bits.
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  19. Yeah I've still got that polystyrene , think it's factory fitted
  20. Hi all, reading this with bemused interest. I am refurbishing my Rivi pop top & want it done right. Previously I put the B&q bubble stuff on my panels, floor etc & it was OK for The 3 years it was in with no signs of rusting. I am now in the process of a full resto, new paint job in & out so want to make sure it is done properly. I will be putting in a new propex heater & my van heating will be working too. It never did the whole time I had it, not too big a problem as it was used as. Summer van but all this talk of condensation with heaters is making me wary. I will be using it in all weathers when finished & it gets really nippy in Scotland so want to make sure I will be cosy & dry. I lost count of the amount of times I had to take towels to the roof to dry it out after a night of drunken slumber & snoring (the Hubbie of course) so I want something to help keep the heat in, the cold out but not break the bank as the paint job is doing that already.

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