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  1. Lovely...:p
  2. The video showed a heck of a lot of petrol splattering out.
    A worn filler neck sounds a good candidate, but surely once the level got down past the neck, it would stop. That was obviously still going on the breakdown truck, unless it was just sloshing around having been put on the low loader. Maybe detached at the bottom of the filler.
    Glad you got safely home @GTE88 and that the camper is safe too
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  3. Thought I’d join in toooo:beer: this looks a fun thread I thought to meself;)
    I’ll go out on a limb and say that’s between the tank and the carb and is an excellent candidate for showing the advantages of a fuel shut off electronicky type device. Know your enemy, was a great line from a little further back in the thread. Any smell of petrol apart from when actually filling up is a no no and an invitation to the fire brigade:eek: I’m just so glad you all coasted safely to the side and we are here making light of what could have been a disastrous situation :) . So get a decent garage to sort your fuel issues, if you can still smell fuel after they have finished it, ask for your money back. Zero fuel smells is the only acceptable standard and please don’t drive it until this is achieved, you got away with it once and most don’t. :burp:
    Now oil leaks are a bit of a different story and we can deal with these at a later date. We can also chat about stuff like that at Techenders where face to face it’s a lot easier to clarify why some peeps say different things in answer to questions as we all have a different take on the info offered. If you think that every van on here is show winning quality and somewhere between brand new looking and just off the forecourt standard then you’re in for a bit of a wakening . A bit like the Teddy Bears Picnic, you’re in for a big surprise. There might possibly be one that fits that description but I doubt it, there’s several that are extremely close, then the level of use versus brand newyness gradually comes in and down near the other end is my Triggers Broom of a bus that functions perfectly well (mostly) but will have tunes creeping out and cold cold Stella flowing most of the time it’s not in my garage. It’s actually one of the brilliant wonderful things about events such as Techenders, to see the scope and variety as well as the versatility of this smashing vehicle that you now own.:)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,come,,,,, drink bear,,,,wrestle bear :);):)
  4. Holy moly! That is one post I will not be hitting 'Like' for. Nothing to like about that.

    You won't be short of stories how you came about buying your first bus - from brief fling with Italy to back in Blighty then this fun. Welcome.

    Hope you get it sorted quickly so you can go back to enjoying :thumbsup:
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  5. Good point. But yes it would continue pouring out. If leaks into the "fire proof" compartment around the fuel tank and comes out around the fuel tank exit.

    That's a PITA to fix. Hope it's a pipe, I assumed Dunc would have checked them but he had a lot of things to check in limited time. :)
  6. If it's the fuel filler neck and you have a cupboard/wardrobe on that side, cut an "inspection" hatch in floor and its then really easy to access.
    Tiger seal a suitable plate over hole afterwards to prevent any chance of smells in passenger compartment.
  7. :eek:
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  8. Baysearcher

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  9. You can pop off the paint tin lid and inspect all the filler pipe via your phone camera and get a hand on most of it if you try hard enough. It would be faster and easier to check the pipes underneath of course. :)
  10. Now you’ll understand my favourite term, which is ‘vanxiety’. You haven’t suffered from a vanxiety attack yet as your concerns were justified. In the future there could be some times when you feel vanxious.

    When you get it fixed you may, or may not, suffer some attacks. Usually the irrational fear of of mechanical failure. With bus use, and therapy, these do go away. :D
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  11. I'll go with an unexpected breakdown or mechanical mishap conditioning you to expect another... but I don't have those. The nearest I came was when I got in the habit of never tightening my battery earth clamp and after a 150 mile trip it wouldn't start until I jiggled the clamp. I don't recall being anxious, I was going to drink beer and check it out the next day but others around were keen that it got sorted. Kinda nice being on the receiving end of mechanical assistance, it was someone elses idea to check the battery terminals. :thumbsup:
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  12. I’ll start a new thread on fixing this bus now it’s with me !
  13. If its any consolation, mine was worse than that when the filler hose popped off the tank and I drove down hill . Basically the fuel gauge was going down as I watched. Probably 20 litres of petrol over 5 miles of road.
    As the petrol level dropped down it stopped leaking. I thought it was the hose on the tank spigot , as I fiddled with it the petrol stopped dripping .. a coincidence as it turned out.. So 2 hours later I just drove it home, as that started off going up the hill that leaked the petrol..
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  14. This is a thing! Since this first day breakdown I get ridiculous anxiety before driving now. We are driving to Blackpool tomorrow to see some family and I can’t rid myself of feelings of anxiety about a breakdown :(
  15. It gets better, sit back and put some great tunes on, its a matter of getting confidence in the bus, that's all.

    The more you drive it the better it gets, the more confident you will get and the little quirks in the bus become more known to you.

    Stick with it!
  16. A clear case of Vanxiety.

    Mine’s got a lot better recently since I had a top end rebuild (the engine, not me) sounds sweet and confident now

    Additionally I think the cure is gaining own knowledge of the van, slowly going through tasks and completing them yourself.

    Also taking the van out locally gives you confidence in it, rather than keeping it locked up and then going out on an long trip - this just bottles up vanxiety ;)
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  17. There you go, two independent views saying the same :)
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  18. Thanks guys. You’re right about increasing confidence. We drove it round north wales camping and it was generally fine apart from an air leak that scuppered us on the way home. But I’ve since sorted that and last weekend I picked up and drove it locally doing a couple of jobs, felt great afterwards as it was feeling nice to drive and I drove it a good couple of hours.

    As we keep it in storage owing to not having somewhere safe to keep it at home it’s a bit difficult to drive it regularly until we want to use it!
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  19. Professional Advisories to the VW Community!
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  20. Where is said thread

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