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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GTE88, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. If you’re gonna own on classic vehicle this is the one. Great community for support, easy to obtain parts, everyone waves at you AND you can go camping in them!

    They’ll be a bit of carp to go through, but great times also :)
  2. Then after 3 months or so while your engine is balanced on a jack and you're mending everything in the engine bay it's tradish to post a pic of yourself hunched inside the engine bay where the engine should be. :thumbsup:
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  3. you should post these pictures at six month intervals. At least for the first five years. After than it’s customary to post pictures of parts with the caption “I just found this in a box. Anyone know what it is?”
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  4. Dubs

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    Shouldn't we be reassuring the gentleman? :D

    @GTE88 don't worry about it, everything will be fine, it will never break down or fall apart, life will be an endless stream of camping holidays in exotic locations, and when you get bored, you will sell the bus for 3 times what you paid for it. :thumbsup:
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  5. Is it too late for the bears?
  6. Break it
    Curse it
    Sell it

    Miss it
    Buy another
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  7. Absolutely nothing to worry about, change it when you get the v5 back or ask the current owner to change it when he send off the v5 (if it hasn't already been sent).

    Nothing to worry about either way
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  8. Any news? Did you make it home in one piece? Did you actually enjoy the ride?
  9. SG Kent would be proud of you :D
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  10. Hi all!

    Fantastic day of driving and wonderful owning the vehicle. Just set off home and we have broken down, currently at the side of a main road waiting for breakdown.

    I do have a photo of us in happier times (a couple of hours ago), but can’t seem to upload.

    Anyway, thanks for all the well wishes. I guess this is the initiation!
  11. You’ve got to be kidding me.

    wtf has happened. You only went to pick it up.
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  12. We drove it a fair bit today, probably about 90 miles to show family. The smell of fuel I mentioned a few pages back could be a problem? Maybe it’s the automatic choke? I’m guessing. I had just put Petrol in though
  13. So did you stop as a precaution or did the van stop on its own?
  14. Bit of both. I felt the power going so pulled over to the hard shoulder, thought it was back but it wouldn’t do anything. Tried to start the engine a few times but no joy
  15. bernjb56

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    Hope you don’t have too long a wait. We’ve mostly been in that situation at one time or another.
  16. Well let’s hope it’s something silly. One things for sure. If your breakdown guy can’t point you in the right direction then plenty on here will be able to.
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  17. I’d say I can’t believe it but that happened to me on my first test drive of mine. Reckon it was a loose wire on the coil as a fiddle around there and it was back running.
    Hope it’s something simple!

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  18. At least you can sit back with a tea or coffee and await rescue in comfort.

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  19. Happened to me too... I ran out of petrol on the journey, twice! In fairness it didn’t have a working gauge!

    Sounds like a possible hot start issue?
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  20. Happened to me too. Pulled into a garage for fuel and would not start, not even turn over, battery flat. Some kind people gave me a push and bump started and got home. Investigation revealed worn brushes in the dynamo. New fitted and been fine since.
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