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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GTE88, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. I’d imagine that’s why
  2. Maybe Duncan was so lovely he caused a system overload.
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  4. Crikey! Looks clean... even has a washing machine and tumble dryer under the back seats!

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  5. Because I’m a massive worrier I’m now in the pre pickup extreme worry stage. Had a fitful nights sleep worrying about everything! I’m ridiculous but I hope some of you can offer me some comfort.

    One main thing was a slight smell of fuel in the back when we were driving. After reading about the smell of fuel on here I’m now obviously worried the van will set ablaze as soon as we drive it away. Guess it’s just a case of checking all the fuel lines and filters as soon as we get the chance? I think I assumed it might be normal to have a slight smell if you’re in the back. The sellers are getting it mot’d this week before we collect which is good, so that would flag up anything major anyway I guess.

    Another thing is the tax. I thought it would be tax free as it’s 1979 but just reading that it can depend when it was registered unless you can prove it was built pre 1980. It was reg in feb 1980 but I assume the vin will show 79 as the built year? As the van has been restored I got worried in case the vin wasn’t now present in the cab - assume it still be available somewhere if not though? Does it appear on the V5C?

    And then also just worries about if something goes wrong transferring the money/getting all the paperwork (I stupidly forgot to ask about what paperwork was available at the time)/missing something else I haven’t thought of.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble. I’ll be glad when we have it and then can just look at things more calmly
  6. It'll be fine. :thumbsup:
    Get "lovely Duncan" to check out the fuel smells for you. Probably no biggie.
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  7. The VIN appears several times on a Bus. Google the locations.

    As for when it was born for tax exempt purposes, you can order a certificate from VW (museum?) in Germany. I've not time to do the search for you this morning so have a go up there ^
  8. If it says Historic Vehicle on the V5 you don't need to tax it to drive it home. If it doesn't then you do need to tax it.
  9. I thought you always needed to tax it? Even if it is zero rated.
    My V5 says historic but I still taxed it online, and it didn’t say anything then like ‘you dont need to tax it you muppet!’
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  10. Yeah, you still go through the motions of taxing it, but pay nothing. It’s still taxed, it just didn’t cost anything.
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  11. All the numbers will be on the V5C. If it was first registered in feb 1980, it will be eligible for historic status next April, unless you obtain a birth certificate which will cost about forty quid which you then send to DVLA which can take weeks or more in the current circumstances. I'm just wondering if it's worth the hassle. You could tax it for a few months and then sorn it over the winter and retax it under historic status next April.
  12. That’s useful to know thank you. You’d think it would tax free from April 2020, by 2021 it will be 41 years old. A swizz!
  13. Haha thanks. To clarify, should there be no smell whatsoever as normal? I have a steep learning curve ahead
  14. The M-plate is on top of the fresh air trunk behind the dash left hand side, it’s not easy to see but stick a mobile phone above it and take a pic. Once you decode it the M-plate has all the details of the bus, including the build date.

    The VIN is stamped in the engine bay below the foam seal, left hand side at the back - back as in back of the bus.

    The engine number is on the crankcase below the breather tower behind the fan shroud and if it’s the original engine the same number is on the shroud by the coil.

    The VIN and engine number should be on the V5c.
  15. Welcome to the DVLA!
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  16. It’s a type4 that’s had a recent single carb conversion and the breather needs reconnecting to the air filter.
    Foam seal needs replacing too, it’ll all be taken care of don’t worry
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  17. Also the current owner has had it for 24 years, it’s not dodgy!
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