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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GTE88, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. Deal breaker for me.
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  2. I think if I could have a conversation on the phone, a live video via whatsapp and a pic of the vin and m plate I'd still fly out but then it wouldn't be the first time I travelled far (and wide - that bit is important) for a risk/reward.

    Anyway enough of this I have a fuel system to install. Good luck to the OP and welcome! Hope it works out whatever you decide:thumbsup:
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  3. Yep You’re right I had another look. I hate using eBay on mobile. Sounds like a reasonable reason for selling. I’ve been there and done that (trying to import a classic uk vehicle into a foreign country. Although I succeeded).
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    It does seem like an opportunity for an adventure, but collecting a new van from only a few miles away can turn into an adventure as well.
  5. certainly looks ok in the pics but i'd ask for some showing underbody /chassis - maybe do a video call with the chap and get to see it "live" incl a startup / drive around etc

    as above, i'd not want to send money but a fly out/ road trip back sounds like an awesome plan with reduced risk.
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  6. It’s got MoT advisories for the amount of welding on the underside and the front beam.

    I’d be asking questions about this for sure.

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  7. I think most of us have gone 'on an adventure' to look at a potential camper.... some we come home with, others we step back rapidly from and use the return part of our train ticket.
    Italy is a heap further, and you are pretty much going out there to buy it, unless you can make it into a family holiday that just happens to in the vicinity of the potential purchase.
    For £14000 there must be a decent camper in this country?!
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  8. You are probably right. I think I got pretty excited about the look of this one and I can see it’s pretty mad in reality. Possibly not even a great deal once you add in the costs of getting it here. Aye always looking in this country too!
  9. It hasn’t. But because of the sort of helpful caring chap I am. Once you wire me the 50k I will pop to my local halfrauds and look up which ones you need to buy.

    genuine reason for sale. It’s not my car so I genuinely want the money for it before she finds out I sold it. Can’t get more genuine than that.
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  10. Its probably the owner discovered that after Brexit it will need to be properly checked over and registered in Italy.

    I would go there and if its any good offer under 10k for it as it may cost a lot more than 4k to get it through Italian legal checks.
  11. Pack some sandwichs and get yourself on the next plane.
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  12. And make sure you take plenty of food cos you might have to quarantine in it for two weeks when you get back.
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  13. If you're communicating on Whatsapp, why not have a video call with him alongside the van... at least that way you know he's a real person and the van is a real thing?
  14. Seems pretty legit. Go out there and then transfer the money. Seems a bit rich, especially seeing the mot history. Amazed you can’t find a nice bus closer to home.
  15. Looks like an honest advert and he’s got good feedback. Whole thing could be mega hassle though
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  16. Mine has, I bought them on Tuesday. Bosch ones, too.9 quid each!
  17. Buy Blitish!:thumbsup:
  18. I had some original style blades on my early. They had 6 contact points instead of 4 and consequently followed the screen curves better. They were "new old stock", the rubber blades broke almost immediately but they are replaceable.
    Can't remember where I got them now. :thinking:
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  19. I've got some but I think that you need the matching 68 arms.

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