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  1. Bluddy ‘ell! On the plus side it will wash the oil off the engine.:)
  2. Take heart from the fact it drove well!
    The lovely Duncan can sort the fuel leak.

    Don't worry too much about the oil leak, just get in the habit of checking the level regularly.

    Check when the engine is completely cold and on level ground.
  3. Blimey.

    Do you think you can make it to Techenders?

  4. you forgot to mention" the loverly Duncan"....:D
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  5. you were lucky not to see the fire brigade....:eek:
  6. I didn’t know what that was until I just googled it. Sounds great although I’d be scared to compare our van to every one else’s haha. My job picks up again that weekend but I’ll see what I can do
  7. Haha, that's half the fun.... not so much comparing, but just having a look at what others have done, getting ideas, seeing what's possible. Plus of course, the socialising, putting faces and real names to forum names, and getting a bit of help with a job or two that you either can't do on your own, or don't have the confidence to do.
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  8. Great. I’m sure there will be a few ‘sheds’ there so you needn’t worry, nobody is judging (I hope! :D) but it will be a great opportunity to look at everyone else’s bus and learn a lot of stuff. That’s mostly why I’m gonna go anyway (I’ve had my first bus only a couple of months).
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  9. Looks likely filler neck or fuel filter area, I’ll report back later in the week!
  10. Holy moly that’s not exactly subtle is it. Your fuel economy for the day must have been about 5mpg.

    wasn’t it weird that you were filling up at every petrol station you passed?
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  11. Eh? I thought that was normal:D
  12. Fair point
  13. Haha! Oddly there was no leak the rest of the day until the second petrol visit before our drive home!
  14. I'm guessing the filler hose wangled off the tank while it was being filled. You're not the first, it's awkward though it shouldn't come off of course.
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  15. There must have been some sort of leak as you said there was a smell of fuel all day. I wonder if you’ve actually got more than one leak.

  16. You’re right, I meant no visible one underneath. But when I took it to my dads and he opened the cupboard where the gas canister is, there was a hell of a smell of fuel there.

  17. If the hose came off though, why would a) the engine lose power or b) the fuel continue to pour out, as surely it would all be in the tank?

    I’m a novice of course just trying to get a good idea of everything.
  18. If there’s fuel in that area my guess is it must be tracking along to there as there’s no fuel lines that far forward is there?
  19. R u sure you don’t have a carburettor leak from something like a stuck float needle? If the carbs not properly set up or clean then that could cause poor running and it could also cause a fuel leak.

    you might have another fuel system issue, perhaps a blocked filter that would give the poor running.

    what I’m trying to get at is the poor running and the fuel leak may or may not be the same thing.
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  20. Spilt petrol in eye.... yep, that ones on my list too!

    How much petrol was in it? Could be a split filler hose... perhaps degraded on the upper side? If it leaks, it would track down past the fuel tank outlet and drop past the starter motor.

    We replace the filler pipe on ours, but did find that after a few months the new rubber settled or contracted and the smell started again and a wee drip. Pain in the bottom to tighten it back up
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