How far out is this???

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  1. Looks lovely.
  2. no response but to be honest Joker thinks he is Teflon Coated but I wont give up, it just plain rude to ignore someone and I will eventually be passing by his premises so will pop in
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    Can you tell us what's happened, to be clear?
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    I'm not aware of any complaints being received but I'll make some enquiries.
  5. Hi I bought a swivel seat base and seat to match, Joker sent the base but not the seat, when I chased him he said as the seat was in bad condition he thought I didn't want it, I explained I wanted at least the option of looking at it and if it was beyond redemption I would possibly be able to use the runners if not the frame, he then said the cost of posting was extortionate and wasn't worth it for me, I explained I could have arranged for its collection for £17 or so, pretty much after that he has totally ignored me.
    I will catch up/cross paths with him someday and will be intrigued to see his reasons for being so rude. In the meantime I have a swivel seat base for which I have no seat !!!
  6. No complaints from me as I didn't think it was worthy of one, I did post a comment ages ago as others were having issues as well, he seems to have history !!!
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  8. Not re Joker as far as I know, but to be honest I'm not overly concerned just trying to embarrass Joker so he sorts it out or he can just go away and stop giving TLB a bad name !!!
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  10. No worry I'm not losing sleep over it, to be honest I sort of enjoy stalking him now lol
  11. dog


    how to completely wreck a perfectly good thread!this is what pm is for. no complaint has ever been received which is why we haven't done anything!
    this isnt aimed at you ted, just the usual suspects that have to stick their oars in
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  12. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread, incidentally I am enjoying the original thread
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  13. My apologies to Mr furyblade.
  14. Boxster use the same gearbox as the audi/passat flip boxes that are becoming the trend in t25's tdi conversions..
    so engine and box wont be that much of a problem..:)
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